Subject: DEC Multia/166 Video Shift
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: The Terminator rAT <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/04/1996 14:31:11
Greetings!  I am the proud owner of a DEC Multia/166 running NetBSD 1.2A.
The machine runs well, but the video output has three distinct horizontal
offsets and widths.  The Alpha is connected to a MAG 19" multisync monitor.
I have adjusted the horizontal width and offset on the monitor to display
the console correctly (i.e. full width and height and centered).

When the machine is booted, the SRM console prompt appears offset to the
left of the screen by several character widths, as is the initial boot 
loader output.

After the NetBSD kernel changes the console to "Sun" mode, the text is 
shifted to the right a bit.  The text of the boot messages is correctly
centered on the screen (because I've adjusted the monitor to do so).

Upon starting X, the X server screen extends off the left and right of the
monitor screen.  The change is large enough that I cannot adjust my monitor
to fit the entire screen into the phosphor area.

The vertical height/offset seems to remain unchanged through these three
changes.  The actual horizontal offset seems to vary slightly each time the
machine is booted.

I have tried playing with the '-dpi xxx' flag on the Xserver to attempt to
fix this problem, without success.  Without a '-dpi 100' switch, xdpyinfo
returns a 90x90 dpi.  This problem occurred both with my own machine, and
also with the machine Jason Thorpe lent me (thanks!).

Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Can anyone suggest a fix for it?  I'm
really getting tired of playing with the offsets on the monitor everytime
I switch between X, the console and the boot ROM.



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