Subject: Re: Booting AXPpci 33
To: John Birrell <cimaxp1!>
From: Trevor Mendez <tmendez@BBN.COM>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/31/1995 19:37:08
>If the flash ROM configuration is doubtful, one thing to try is changing the
>SROM jumper (J28 and J29) to boot from fail-safe loader floppy (J29 1-3)
>so that the board doesn't try to use the flash ROM. If you do not already
>have them, you'll need to make floppies from the images on gatekeeper
>(I think).

Checked the Design Guide and other documentation on gatekeeper for details
on how to do this.  Did exactly as instructed with the exception that
I had to resort to making the floppy on an Intel PC running FreeBSD -- I
didn't have root privileges on the other Alpha machine that's running OSF/1.

>This will allow you to reload the SRM console if the board is OK. When I did
>this, I used the serial console, so I assume that if you don't get any
>serial output while the board is booting from floppy, then you _do_ have a
>board problem.

The system read the floppy but still no output.  I tried it with the KB and
monitor and no serial devices, as well as the reverse -- I even went so far
as to remove the video board!  Same results.  And typing at the keyboard seems
to have no effect.  I'll try again later with another floppy.