Subject: Re: Booting AXPpci 33
To: Trevor Mendez <tmendez@BBN.COM>
From: None <Chris_G_Demetriou@NIAGARA.NECTAR.CS.CMU.EDU>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/31/1995 16:59:01
> 	I've lost the SRM console -- at power up, I see no output, and have
> 	no working input device.  I don't think the firmware is presently
> 	configured to autoboot, and so nothing much happens when I turn the
> 	thing on, even when I swap back in the OSF/1 disk.  (It would nice to
> 	figure how to effect a "set console graphics", in order reclaim the
> 	console.)

well, there are a few things you might try:
	(1) set up the serial port to actually work.  a standard
	    null-modem cable should do the trick, if you're connecting
	    to another computer.  (the two serial ports on the back of
	    AlphaStations are the same as those on a PC...  I've never
	    seen and AXPpci.  If you're having problems, one of those
	    little boxes with an LED that tells you the state of each
	    rs232 line could be invaluable.

	(2) try removing everything from the serial ports, plugging in
	    the keyboard, etc.  this might get you _some_ sort of SRM
	    console prompt on the monitor.  (I seem to remember
	    something like this...  I'm probably wrong.  8-)

	(3) There may (should?) be a jumper on your motherboard to
	    reset your console settings to the default, as a last

>            Video: TGA? (video card has a 21030-AA chip) w/ DEC VRT17-HA monitor
>  OSF/1 SCSI disk: DEC RZ25 (Seagate ST3610N)
> NetBSD SCSI disk: Seagate ST32430N (2 GB)
>             Misc: floppy & CD-ROM drives, DE-205 ethernet

with that hardware, you shouldn't _need_ to use a serial console
(though it could be useful for debugging...)

is the DE-205 ethernet the PCI board?  or is it an ISA, LANCE-based
board?  (i dunno the name of the 21030-based PCI board...  8-)
(If it's the ISA LANCE board, NetBSD/Alpha won't support it, i don't
think...  never tried to make it work.)