Subject: Re: Booting AXPpci 33
To: Trevor Mendez <BBN.COM!>
From: John Birrell <cimaxp1!>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/31/1995 14:23:42
> >what is the symptom, here?  what kind of hardware (e.g. video) do you
> >have on your AXPpci?
> 	I've lost the SRM console -- at power up, I see no output, and have
> 	no working input device.  I don't think the firmware is presently
> 	configured to autoboot, and so nothing much happens when I turn the
> 	thing on, even when I swap back in the OSF/1 disk.  (It would nice to
> 	figure how to effect a "set console graphics", in order reclaim the
> 	console.)

If the flash ROM configuration is doubtful, one thing to try is changing the
SROM jumper (J28 and J29) to boot from fail-safe loader floppy (J29 1-3)
so that the board doesn't try to use the flash ROM. If you do not already
have them, you'll need to make floppies from the images on gatekeeper
(I think).

I have two 3.5" disks labelled:

SROM Console Firmware V4.3-3114 for AXPpci33
ARC  Console Firmware V4.36 for AXPpci33

This will allow you to reload the SRM console if the board is OK. When I did
this, I used the serial console, so I assume that if you don't get any
serial output while the board is booting from floppy, then you _do_ have a
board problem.

> /tdm


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