Subject: Re: Booting AXPpci 33
To: None <>
From: Trevor Mendez <tmendez@BBN.COM>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/31/1995 14:21:33
>what is the symptom, here?  what kind of hardware (e.g. video) do you
>have on your AXPpci?

	I've lost the SRM console -- at power up, I see no output, and have
	no working input device.  I don't think the firmware is presently
	configured to autoboot, and so nothing much happens when I turn the
	thing on, even when I swap back in the OSF/1 disk.  (It would nice to
	figure how to effect a "set console graphics", in order reclaim the

           Video: TGA? (video card has a 21030-AA chip) w/ DEC VRT17-HA monitor
 OSF/1 SCSI disk: DEC RZ25 (Seagate ST3610N)
NetBSD SCSI disk: Seagate ST32430N (2 GB)
            Misc: floppy & CD-ROM drives, DE-205 ethernet