Subject: Booting AXPpci 33
To: None <port-alpha@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Trevor Mendez <tmendez@BBN.COM>
List: port-alpha
Date: 12/30/1995 14:58:15
Perhaps an "AXPpci 33" or "SRM Console" guru can help me out of this jam...

Here's what I think I did (if memory serves me well) in an effort to get an
AXPpci 33 machine running OSF/1 v3.2 to run NetBSD:
	1) Installed a 2nd 2 GB hard disk
	2) Boot OSF/1
	3) MAKEDEV rz1
	3) gzip -c -d rz25-image.gz | dd bs=8192 of=/dev/rz1c
	4) mount -d /dev/rz1a /mnt
		[Didn't work... disklabel missing.]
	5) disklabel -rw rz1 rz28
	6) disklabel -r rz28
		[Seemed OK.]
	7) gzip -c -d rz25-image.gz | dd bs=8192 of=/dev/rz1c
	8) mount -d /dev/rz1a /mnt
	9) ls /mnt
		[Seemed reasonable.]
	10) shutdown -h now
	11) Detached rz0 (OSF/1 disk), changed jumpers on second disk to make
		it use target 0
	12) Power up SRM console
	13) show dev
	14) set boot_osflags s
	15) boot
		[Spit out about 10 or 12 lines.  Seemed normal, except that
		 after it indicated that it was jumping to bootstrap code,
		 it immediately complained and halted the CPU -- looked
		 like the output at the end of the earlier "shutdown".
		 The notes indicated that one should use a serial console so...]
	16) Ran a *tested* serial line from a SPARC to the AXPpci 33
	17) set console serial
	18) init, power off/on, (repeatedly)
	19) ??

Now it seems that neither serial port is working properly, and so I have no
console, and no hardware manuals (DEC loaned us this machine without any
documentation 'till they can ship us the ones we ordered).  The monitor has
an immobile cursor in the lower left hand corner, and the typing at the
keyboard seems to do no good.  Any ideas?  Thanks.