Subject: Re: Any noname work done yet?
To: Dave Cherkus <cherkus@UniMaster.COM>
From: John Birrell <cimaxp1!>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/13/1995 12:22:28
> I think the thing you want is: /pub/DEC/axppci/
> but there's a lot more interesting things to look at as well.

I think the 'design guide' you refer to is:

EK-AXPCI-DG C01 - Digital AXPpci 33 Alpha PC Motherboard OEM Design Guide

This comes with the board (at least it did with ours). It tells you how to
plug it in. 8-). It does *not* contain things like a memory map showing where
devices (like the IDE interface) are mapped.  I don't know about you, but
I'd like to be _able_ to use IDE drives if I choose. As far as I know, none
of the machines Chris has been working on support anything other than SCSI


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