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Getting networking going on Risc-OS


Having struggled to get RISC-OS to a useful state where I could surf the web and FTP files I thought it was worth putting a list of software and apps together.

One of the problems is that RISC-OS ships with the ability to enable networking, but it fails to actually provide any useful apps to then access the network. However these days there are some really good apps available.

This was my list of software to bring up two RISC-OS machines to a state where I could use them for ftp and web browsing.

To get web browsing, I'd suggest NetSurf:
Download the package from:

Next you'll need the latest 32bit system libraries:

The above was enough for Risc-OS 4.03 (aka Kinetic)

For Risc-OS 3.71 you need some more pieces (although NetSurf doesn't officially support anything less than Risc-OS 4.02 it does work): Firstly you may need Universal Boot Sequence from to get the latest window manager and toolbox pieces:

Mimemap 0.10 is needed, the above boot sequence has 0.05 which has bugs:

Note that the NetSurf includes an updated !Unicode, for the Universal boot sequence I had to go into !Boot and delete/unlock the older !Unicode version.

For FTP I've been using FTPc:

It just requires the 32bit libraries listed above.

I hope that helps others out there who might be dusting off their old machines :)


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