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Request for Risc PC hardware...


I was wondering if anyone out there had a RPC they're no longer using and are willing to donate for me to keep working on updating the acorn32 port.

It appears that mine has some kind of fault, related to audio and graphics. I suspect either the VRAM has died, or the motherboard around the VIDC.

This could be related to a battery leak I had when I first turned it back on a couple of months ago, and am wondering if it's corroded part of the motherboard.

Anyway having taken it apart to blow out dust etc it's become less stable than before I did that (just typical), risc-os now boots with the mouse having graphics corruption on screen and an annoying constant buzz rather than a beep.

If nothing comes up I'll buy a second hand one, but thought I'd ask in case someone has one holding a door open, or gathering dust in a corner that they didn't want any more.


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