Subject: Re: A7000 RAM SIMMs
To: None <>
From: Ben Morrow <>
List: port-acorn32
Date: 10/07/2007 22:59:48
Andrew Ball wrote:
> Hello Stephen,
> SB> A7000 or A7000+? The latter wants EDO, the former not (though
>> you'll probably get away with it).
> Thanks for the information.  Is the A7000+ discernably faster than
> the A7000?  Do both models include an ATA interface?  What is the
> capacity limit for a hard disk?

The A7000+ has a one-channel (two-device) ATA interface. I'm afraid I 
can't help with the rest...

Since you're writing to this list, I'm going to take a giant intuitive
leap and guess you're trying (or planning to try) to run NetBSD on an
A7000... if I'm wrong, please ignore me :). I have been trying
on-and-off to make this work for a while now, and have pretty much
failed: if you have better luck, I'd appreciate knowing how you did it
(off-list if you like). Of course, I would also be happy to share what 
little I've learned (and it really is little: unfortunately, my 
understanding of the internals of RISCOS is much less than I'd like).