Subject: Re: Trouble booting on an A7000+
To: Ben Morrow <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: port-acorn32
Date: 02/15/2007 15:22:55
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Hi Ben,

On Fri, Feb 02, 2007 at 04:12:57PM +0000, Ben Morrow wrote:
> >> NetBSD/acorn32 RISC OS Boot, Revision 3.40
> >> (, Mon Oct 30 21:24:05 UTC 2006)
> >> Booting NetBSD/acorn32 on a RiscPC/A7000/NC
> Booting adfs::harddisc4.$.mauzo.netbsd.instkern (howto = 0x0)
> Allocated 3455 memory pages, each of 4 kilobytes.
> Getting memory configuration  
> Used 160 kb DRAM at 0x1c2d8000 for video memory

Now thats *not* OK, 1024*768 at 8 bit uses 768 Kb minimum so 160 seems a 
bit short!

> Found ROM  (0) at 0x00000000 for  4096 k
> Found I/O  (0) at 0x03000000 for  8192 k
> Found I/O  (1) at 0x08000000 for 31072 k
> Found DRAM (0) at 0x10000000 for  4096 k
> Found DRAM (1) at 0x14000000 for  4096 k
> Found DRAM (2) at 0x18000000 for  4096 k
> Found DRAM (3) at 0x1c000000 for  2912 k
> Found DRAM (4) at 0x1c300000 for  1024 k

As Ben Harris was pointing out, the kernel might be a bit big for a such a 
memory layout but i dont think this ought to be a problem per see.

> Starting at 0xf0000000
> Will boot in a few secs due to relocation....
> bye bye from RISC OS!
> At this point, if I double-clicked on the Command file in Filer or ran
> it from a ^F12 Task Window, the system appears to hang (the mouse just
> freezes: the screen is not cleared); and if I run it from Supervisor
> (i.e. after choosing Exit from the Acorn menu) the screen is covered
> with 'coloured snow'.

That is consistent with the 160 Kb being claimed. The amount comes from VDU
var 150 (total screen size). It *claims* the same memory as the current 
screenmemory configured. So please try again at the supervisor prompt in 
the screenmode NetBSD wants; so try out a screen mode that is too big or 
configure too much video memory i.e. 1Mb.

Hope it'll work :)


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