Subject: Re: Test of boot32
To: Leo Smiers <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: port-acorn32
Date: 01/07/2003 10:06:28
Hiya Leo,

On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 08:32:56PM +0100, Leo Smiers wrote:
> I was pleasant surprised with the new bootloader for acorn32. Eventhough
> I am not longer actively using netbsd on my RPC I couldn't resist trying it.
> I am sorry to tell you that it failed.

Oh what a pitty it didnt work.... (using RISC OS 4.x a lot?) ... hmm...

> What I did was the following:
> 1 make a directory in wich I placed the boot32 module and the netbsd-Generic
>   kernel of 8 sep 2002
> 2 set the working directory
> 3 Increased wimpslot to something big > 16 Mbyte
> 4 Double clicked on the module

8 Sept 2002 as in NetBSD-current ? or NetBSD-1.6_STABLE ?

> The initial fase looked ok, the last text from RISC OS was: 
>   bye bye from RISC OS
> and then it started the kernel. However the kernel paniced with:
> panic: initarm: Failed to align the kernel page directory

This may sound weird but i am pleased to hear this :-) ... this means that
the bootloader worked (nearly) OK ... only that its connection to the
kernel might be a bit `challenged'.

> I used RISC OS 4.33 (Select 2i3) to boot from.

Now thats a new one .... never had anyone tried booting NetBSD from that 
new a version ;) ... hmm... You dont tell me though what kind of machine 
you have.... could you please help me with the following details :

	- bootloader version :-D ... it prints it on startup. This can 
	  change more than once a/day now. Current version is v3.06 with a 
	  lot of bugfixes... its updated on the FTP site.

	- processor type as in is it a ARM 610 / ARM 710 or an StrongARM ?

	- memory organisation ... what does the bootloader print?

	- is it a Kinetic machine? (there are still known problems)
	  related to that : what is its DRAM and its PODRAM ? i.e. the 
	  memory organisation

	- any other special additions ?

> I hope this wil give you some help in developing the boot loader.

Thanks :))