Subject: Re: NetBSD/arm32 Installation Not Booting
To: Alan Milford <>
From: Reinoud Zandijk <>
List: port-acorn32
Date: 01/28/2002 22:13:04
Hiya Alan,

On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 02:17:27PM +0000, Alan Milford wrote:
> Let me know when this 'snapshot' becomes available, and how to install it :)

Glup ... well its there... not uploaded yet i must admit but its not easy 
to install i must admit : here is a crude recepee :

1) download the install kernel "netbsd.INSTALL.gz", the required sets and

2) unzip `netbsd.INSTALL.gz'

3) boot this kernel by editing `!BtNetBSD.fastboot'

4) create the NetBSD partition table on the disk ... look for the docs
please ; i haven't done it in ages i must admit :(

5) Boot !BtNetBSD

6) It loads the kernel, switches over to NetBSD, gives a detailed report on
whats in the machine.....

6b) it stops due to a lacking TERM setting ...

7) use `export TERM=vt100'

8) restart sysinst

9) work trough the menus and fill stuff in ... there might be a problem 
with the recognizing of the current disk layout ... but i hope to track 
that too ...

Don't be alarmed that it tries to install a `netbsd-SHARK.tgz' kernel :-/
... thats a bit messy i agree but its a copy of netbsd-GENERIC.tgz

10) _before_ you boot : check if /etc/ifconfig.* exists, *AND* check if 
ttyv0 is added to /etc/ttys (just copy ttyE0 or so) since the GENERIC 
kernel is using that or manually put the RPC_WSCONS kernel there and you'll 
be OK :)

11) /usr/include/acorn32 is _not_ there :( and thats a bummer ... maybe 
i'll hack this in for the snapshot or add it in a seperate tgz file.

Phew... if you reach here you should have a working system !! I must agree 
this fix suxs but lucky i have some time till 1.6 to make it right :) ... 
steps 6b to 11 must be gone then :)