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Re: booting BBC A3000 ARM2 8MHz 4M

On 11 December 2011 03:38, KIYOHARA Takashi <kiyohara%kk.iij4u.or.jp@localhost> 
> Hi! all,
> My BBC A3000 booting on -current with some patches.
> http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?v=214504058625417&set=vb.100001974734194&type=2&theater

Most excellent! I must dig out my 8M ARM3 upgraded A410/1 :)

> My A3000 attaches Castle SCSI to mini-podulebus.  However this
> device not support.  Linux too.
> Shall I find other SCSI (or IDE) card in UK eBay?  ;-)

I think I may have some A3000 podules in a box - might any be of
interest to you?
If so I can dig them out and send details.

> Also FOURMEG kernel do not boots.  I have a 4M memory FOURMEG
> think too much current kernel.
> I will comment-out to FOURMEG to more slimly.

That might be a challenge, but well worthwhile - I remember a
discussion a while back about making things like the TCP SYN cache
optional for very small machines.

Thanks for bringing acorn26 back!

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