Subject: Re: boot26 on R260
To: Peter Teichmann <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-acorn26
Date: 02/09/2005 21:05:22
On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Peter Teichmann wrote:

> I thought the Ether1 does not have a PROM?

It does, but it's very small and only contains the extended expansion card 
ID, the Ethernet address and a few other bits.  In particular, it doesn't 
have a chunk directory, so there's no podule description (for *Podules) or 
driver module.

> I am not completely sure if it
> works under RISC OS. "e1info" discoveres that it is in slot 0 and has a
> hardware address of 00:00:a4:00:04:ec.

That should be enough for NetBSD's ei(4) to at least attach to it.  I'm 
not sure there's much I can do to help without reviving my building and 
testing infrastructure here, which isn't going to happen for at least a 
week or two.

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