Subject: Re: boot26 on R260
To: Michael <>
From: Peter Teichmann <>
List: port-acorn26
Date: 02/09/2005 01:52:25
> Nothing. To get rid of the page XXX not free messages you'll have to
> *unplug any modules you don't really need, maybe *rmtidy helps too ( on
> my A5000 with 8MB I never got there )
> Did you try BBBB?

No, but I got a clue from reading a BBBB documentation. I got to supervisor 
mode by pressing shift and keypad-*, and switched to a 256 colour mode before 
starting boot26. That helped. Unfortunately I get now infinite messages with 
the 2.0 installation kernel:

Stray IRQ, status=0xf1f1, spl=0, mask=0x0

The 1.62 installation kernel does not show these messages, but seems not to 
recognise the Ether1 card. Utility menu/Configure network does not let me 
configure a network card, it does not find one.

During kernel startup, it says:

podule <0000>:<0000> at podulebus0 slot 0 not configured

This is the Ether1. I thought it is supported?

Peter Teichmann