Subject: boot26 problem
To: None <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-acorn26
Date: 10/01/2004 17:24:42

I finally got around to repair my A5000 ( the PSU died, luckily it's the same size as modern AT/ATX PSUs so I found a low-spec AT PSU - 150W was the lowest I could find, the original is 75W - after some soldering it works perfectly ) so I gave the last build from a try. My problem: whatwever I do, boot26 barfs saying 'page n not free' and that's it. I tried to unload most unneeded modules, used rmtidy and so on with the result that boot26 complains about a different page. Any idea how to get around this?

The A5000 has a 33MHz ARM3, 8MB RAM, an ANT Ether3 and a Castle SCSI board, both cards install lots of modules by default - the ethernet board has TCP/IP, Freeway and Access+ in ROM, the SCSI board comes with the usual driver/filesystem and iso9660 support. 

This leads to another question - is there any good documentation about access+ available anywhere? I might want to write a fileserver, although the NFS client from Acorn's TCP/IP suite works just fine.

have fun