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Perennial Gardening News
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In This Issue

- Herbs for my Hummers
- Discouraging Rodents that Feed on Spring Bulbs
- New in our seed catalog: Paeony Flowered Poppies
- Dividing Spring-Flowering Bulbs
- New in our Book Shop
- This Week at Wiser-Women=2Ecom

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Herbs for my Hummers=0D
It always seems about the time spring gardening tasks are=20
completed, and the flowers I=92ve carefully tended all summer=20
are at the height of their glory, that fall descends with=20
And so it has again here in our cozy little spot in Eastern=20
Washington=2E Some of my last roses of summer are even more=20
beautiful and showy now than the first ones that bloomed in=20
early spring=2E It=92s like they don=92t want to give up yet=2E=20
"Please, just a few more days, maybe even weeks," they beg=2E=20=0D
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/articles/hummerherbs=2Ehtm "> =
http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/articles/hummerherbs=2Ehtm </a>

Country Wisdom Bulletin: Grow a Hummingbird Garden
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/countrywisdombulletins/growahu=
mmingbirdgarden=2Ehtm "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/countrywisdombull=
etins/growahummingbirdgarden=2Ehtm </a>

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Discouraging Rodents that Feed on Spring Bulbs=0D
Voles, moles, chipmunks, squirrels and other rodents=20=0D
think your spring bulbs are a tasty treat=2E Here are a=20=0D
few tips to help discourage them=2E=0D
1=2E  Use Bulb Booster or rock phosphate instead of bone=20=0D
    meal, which attracts animals=2E=20=0D
2=2E  Place clam and oyster shells or crushed egg shells=20=0D
    in the holes with your bulbs=2E These sharp objects=20=0D
    will discourage digging around your bulbs=2E=20=0D
3=2E  Plant a generous supply of daffodils with your=20=0D
    other spring bulbs=2E Rodents usually avoid=20=0D
More information on discouraging rodents=0D
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/articles/rodents=2Ehtm ">http:=

Country Wisdom Bulletin: Pest-Proofing Your Garden
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/countrywisdombulletins/pestpro=
ofingyourgarden=2Ehtm "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/countrywisdombull=
etins/pestproofingyourgarden=2Ehtm </a>=0D

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New in our seed catalog: Paeony Flowered Poppies

The large, colorful blossoms of this old-fashioned poppy are=20
sure to add a special charm to your garden=2E  Four varieties=20
have been imported from the UK and are available in our=20
Seed Shop now=2E

<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/seedcatalog/flowers/poppies=2E=
htm "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/seedcatalog/flowers/poppies=2Ehtm <=

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Dividing Spring-Flowering Bulbs=0D
Spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and=20=0D
hyacinths should be divided in September or October=2E It=20=0D
is difficult to locate the bulbs unless you have marked=0D
or mapped them in the spring when they were in bloom=2E=20=0D
Care should be taken not to damage the bulbs when=20=0D
digging=2E It usually is easier to dig a large area and=20=0D
separate bulbs than to dig the individual bulbs=2E=20=0D
If bulbs are planted among trees, shrubs or=20=0D
perennials, consider replacing the bulbs every three=20=0D
to five years instead of separating them=2E This=20=0D
minimizes damage to the root system of the nearby=20=0D
When dividing or separating bulbs, carefully remove=20=0D
side bulbs from the main bulb and replant at correct=20=0D
The following table provides a guideline for dividing=20=0D
Bulb                      Years to Divide=0D
Tulips                         3 - 5=0D
Daffodils                      3 - 6=0D
Hyacinths                      2 - 3=0D
Lilies                         4 - 6=0D
Surprise Lily (Lycoris)        3 - 5=0D
Iris (Bulbous types)           3 - 6=0D
Alliums                        4 - 8=0D
Crocus                         seldom needed=0D
Grape Hyacinths (Muscari)      seldom needed

More about bulbs
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/gardeningbooks/babybulbs=2Ehtm=
 "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/gardeningbooks/babybulbs=2Ehtm </a>

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The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance
An easy-to-understand guide for growing healthy trees that will=20
benefit generations to come=2E=20
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/treedoctor=2Ehtm "> http=
://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/treedoctor=2Ehtm </a>

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Clematis
Raymond Evison, world authority on clematis, provides a fresh=20
look at the genus by focusing on not just the popular large-
flowered types but also on the less well known species=2E
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/gggclematis=2Ehtm "> htt=
p://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/gggclematis=2Ehtm </a>

The Master Book of the Water Garden
With a wealth of practical ideas and tips on water gardening,=20
this indispensable book helps minimize the problems faced in=20
building and maintaining a water garden, and maximizes the=20
pleasure a well-designed pool can give=2E Including design=20
options=97for every aesthetic, space and budget=2E =20
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/masterbookwatergarden=2E=
htm "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/books/masterbookwatergarden=2Ehtm <=

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Balsam seeds=3F=20
Are the soft fuzzy green bulges on my balsam the seeds or=20
seed pods=3F I'd like to have many more of these next year, I=20
just loved it! Very bright and showy all season=2E Now its=20
collapsing under its own weight, so I guess that tells me I=20
need to give it some support next fall, but it did well all=20
summer=2E I'm all about bright blooms that last forever,=20
especially if it is a reseeding annual! So, please tell me=20
if this is the seed, or-surely not=3Fmore flowers=3F
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthrea=
did=3D7703 "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthr=
eadid=3D7703 </a>

Protecting Saplings=20
I just planted an oak sapling and several american chestnut=20
saplings as well=2E The oak is near a road which gets salted=20
in the winter and is on the weather side of the house=2E Should=20
it be protected/covered for the winter=2E Does it need to get=20
sun or can i put a little plywood a-frame over it=3F the=20
chestnuts are not in "harms way" but I'd still like to know=20
if they need to be protected over winter=2E All are about 2'=20
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthrea=
did=3D7705"> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthre=
adid=3D7705 </a>

Reblooming Christmas Cactus
For those of you who want to get a Christmas cactus to bloom,=20
now is the time to start providing the environment to set the=20
buds=2E Will Creed gives some good advice in this post:
<a href=3D" http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthrea=
did=3D7380 "> http://www=2Egardenguides=2Ecom/forum/showthread=2Ephp=3Fthr=
eadid=3D7380 </a>

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Coaches! Build your practice online and offline with the help=20
of veteran Ron Huxley at http://www=2Eronhuxley=2Ecom or visit the=20
private practice building blog at http://ronhuxley=2Eblogs=2Ecom

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This Week at Wiser-Women=2Ecom

Warm Up The Nights: Patio Heaters and Fire Pits
<a href-" http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3DNews&file=3D=
article&sid=3D95 "> http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3D=
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It's Apple Time!
<a href=3D" http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3DNews&fil=
e=3Darticle&sid=3D93 "> http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fnam=
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Fresh Apple Cider Treats
<a href=3D" http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3DNews&fil=
e=3Darticle&sid=3D97 "> http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fnam=
e=3DNews&file=3Darticle&sid=3D97 </a>

Jack 'O Lantern Carving 101
<a href=3D" http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3DNews&fil=
e=3Darticle&sid=3D94 "> http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fnam=
e=3DNews&file=3Darticle&sid=3D94 </a>

After-Bath Dusting Powders
<a href=3D" http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fname=3DNews&fil=
e=3Darticle&sid=3D98 "> http://www=2Ewiser-women=2Ecom/modules=2Ephp=3Fnam=
e=3DNews&file=3Darticle&sid=3D98 </a>

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