Subject: install guide?
To: None <>
From: Justin Stringfellow <>
List: port-acorn26
Date: 06/30/2002 03:28:16
Morning all,

I'm trying to load acorn26 onto a A5K I've acquired, but I'm not exactly
sure what I'm doing. The INSTALL notes at aren't exactly

I've guessed as far as loading FOURMEG onto the local disk, and I can
start that loading with boot26,ffa... but I'm not sure what I can and
can't do WRT using the local disk or booting from NFS, or how to go
about partitioning the disk... I don't see an install kernel anywhere
(because the machine is too small to do the required ramdisk stuff, I'm
guessing) so how do I run that first newfs, tar xvf, etc?

Any help or LARTs appreciated ;)