Subject: Waste (was 4000/VLC)
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-acorn26
Date: 06/24/2002 23:18:40
Hello Robin!

  RK> Right side of the pond - Wrong country *sigh*. I've
    > been looking to get hold of a VAXstation 4000/30 VLC
    > for a while now but haven't found anything other than
    > VAXstations 3100s. The United Kingdom must be
    > VAXless...

I once saw a room at Swindon College that was literally
stuffed with MicroVAXen from floor to ceiling.  I can only
hope that someone there thought more of them than just "non
PC-compatibles" and that they didn't just end up piled in a
skip (dumpster for our U.S. counterparts ;-)

Come to think of it, I have nightmares about skips full of
Archimedes machines - replaced with PCs by people who just
do not comprehend the imensely powerful opportunity to shape
young minds that's being thrown away along with the RISC
workstatations.  :-(

  - Andy Ball.