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Re: Please review wip/libreoffice

  The wip/libreoffice package now installs out of the box on both 
  DragonFly and NetBSD-5.1.
  The build fails on NetBSD-6 but this is caused by a runtime error which 
  also occurs without the pkgsrc framework.

  To my knowledge, there are no more packaging issues and this package can 
  be moved to the main pkgsrc repository.

That's great news.  I don't have time this week to look at it, but will
kick off a buidl.  I wonder about a larger issue:

  is the libreoffice package sufficiently stable, that for most users,
  they are better off with libreoffice than openoffice (as found in

There's no reason the answer has to be yes to move wip/libreoffice to
main pkgsrc - but I'm curious since I've had the impression for a while
that libreoffice was the future.

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