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Please review wip/muttprint

muttprint is a pretty printer for emails that integrates with mutt as well
as several other email clients.

Please review. Following are the changes done to adopt to pkgsrc:

- I have patched the Makefile of the package with paths adjusted using
  ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}. Is this the right way?

- I have not added latex as a dependency since there are various
  distributions. I have hence included a message regarding the same.

- The program muttprint-langinfo is probably not required. Not sure.
  Package Makfile and PLIST may be patched accordingly.

- There were makefiles in doc directories that gave an error regarding
  *.css not found. There were no css files in the sources. So I just
  removed those actions.

- There is a bug that causes "cannot remove path when cwd is
  /tmp/muttprint" error. A patch to cd the cwd to ~ is discussed on some
  mailing lists. Have adopted the same.


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