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Re: fntsample

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 22:35:22 +0900, Larson, Timothy E. 
<> wrote:

>> > Blocks.txt is only used for build (gen unicode_blocks.c), so I feel no
>> > need to be put in ${PREFIX}, furthermore,  it is installed but not in
>> > PLIST.
>> >
>> > How about just following?
>> > COFIGURE_ARGS+= --with-unicode-blocks=${WRKDIR}/Blocks.txt
>> This is a very good suggestion.  I have updated the package accordingly.
>> > One more question is that Blocks.txt on will never be
>> changed?
>> It may change with new editions of the Unicode standard, if new block
>> ranges are defined.
> Any additional comments?  If not, I request the package be imported.

One more option is that create separate unicode-blocks-6.0.0 package for 
(I don't know it is preferred pkgname),
and BUILD_DEPNDS on the package.  Then other packages using it will be able to 
share the data.
(perl5 have own copy in ${PREFIX}/lib/perl5/5.14.0/unicore/Blocks.txt though).

OBATA Akio /

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