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Re: Please review soqt

On Tue, Nov 02, 2010 at 10:08:44PM +0200, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
> > Hi again!
> > I also just commited soqt.  Can you also review it?
> It is recomended to use += for USE_TOOLS.

Fixed.  Going to commit it, thanks.

> If fortran is not needed for building the project, it is better to
> remove it from USE_LANGUAGES. What type of warnings are you talking
> about in comment lines?

Take a look at the WARNING messages:

checking whether the f77 linker 
(/usr/upkgsrc/pkgsrc.self/soqt/work/.wrapper/bin/ld) supports shared 
libraries... PKGSRC-WARNING: Something is trying to run the fortran compiler,
PKGSRC-WARNING: but it is not added to USE_LANGUAGES in the package Makefile.
checking dynamic linker characteristics... PKGSRC-WARNING: Something is trying 
to run the fortran compiler,

This configure script is messed, I believe.  Anyway, I chopped "fortran"

> Personally, I'd rewrite PKGNAME and DISTNAME as the following
>    DISTNAME=       SoQt-1.4.1
>    PKGNAME=        ${DISTNAME:S/SoQt/soqt/}
> but this is only my opinion.

Suggestion accepted.  Is there any recommendation on that?


Silas Silva

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