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Re: Please review wip/clustershell


Please set PKG_DEVELOPER in mk.conf for developing pkgsrc.
One missing PLIST entry exists.
And you can generate complete, sorted PLIST with "make print-PLIST"
after "make stage-install".

1.2.83 means 1.3beta3.
Please catch up to latest release and wait for 1.3 stable release.

On Wed, 09 Jun 2010 17:13:08 +0900, wen heping <> 

> Hi,
>    Please review wip/clustershell and send me comments.
>   ClusterShell is a event-based Python library to execute commands on
> local or distant cluster nodes in parallel depending on the selected
> engine and worker mechanisms. The library provides also advanced
> nodeset handling methods. Its goal is to improve the administration of
> cluster by providing a lightweight but scalable API for developers.
>   Its license is Licence_CeCILL-C_V1, which compliance with the
> principles governing the distribution of Free Software: access to
> source code, broad rights granted to users. More detailed content
> included within the package.
> Regards,
> wen
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