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tor-dev review and commit request


please review (and fix ;-)) wip/tor-dev!

The latest commit updated tor to the final version (it's not 
tagged as alpha/beta/rc anymore) of the 0.2.1.x-branch or in 
other words: This version is (or will be - it's not officially 
announced yet) the new tor release.

With tor-dev I usually track the unstable versions of tor, but 
since this is a fairly big step from (net/tor) I think 
it should be tested a bit, before this replaces net/tor.

If you have commit access please update net/tor with the contents 
of wip/tor-dev, but please don't remove it. I will update 
wip/tor-dev to the new unstable branch once the current version 
is in net/tor.

The only change from is:
"Add LIBS=-lrt to so the Tor RPMs use a static libevent."

So, if was okay this one should also work.

For a (big) list of changes from the last release see:


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