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RE: please review marathon-trilogy, marathon-scenarios

From: Aleksey Cheusov []
> > These two packages are just game data (maps, graphics, etc) for use
> > with games/alephone, packaged up into a consistent structure for
> > convenience.  Very straightforward, but please let me know if I need
> > to change anything.  If not, please import to pkgsrc proper.
> wip/marathon-scenarios fails under Linux.
> destdir/logs/20090503.0511/wip_marathon-scenarios_marathon-scenarios-
> 1.0/stage_extract.html

Just guessing, but maybe doing "rm {}" in GNU find doesn't like the paths with 
spaces?  Suggestions for a fix?

What about wip/marathon-trilogy?  If that one works, I'd like to see it pulled 
up to pkgsrc proper.


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