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Re: new package: gallery2

On Sep 8, 2008, at 1:59 PM, Havard Eidnes wrote:
>> However, there is one irritating thing left, and it's during the
>> deinstallation of gallery2.
>> You get a error message:
>> pkg_delete: unable to completely remove directory '/usr/pkg/share/
>> gallery2'
>> pkg_delete: couldn't entirely delete package `gallery2-2.2.5'
>> (perhaps the packing list is incorrectly specified?)
>> ...
>> =
>> =
>> =
>> =====================================================================
>> The following files are no longer being used by gallery2-2.2.5,
>> and they can be removed if no other packages are using them:
>>         /usr/pkg/share/gallery2/config.php
>> This is because of the configration file is copied to /usr/pkg/share/
>> gallery2/config.php, and the PLIST (which has @rmdir /usr/pkg/share/
>> gallery2).
>> I think that most people want to have the gallery2 folder deleted  
>> then
>> they deinstall gallery2.
>> But it's also nice to leave the config.php there if it has been
>> modified. But as it is now, I don't get either of those...
> Example configuration files usually go into share/examples/<pkgname>/,
> and should be in PLIST, and you should probably have a CONF_FILES
> setting in your Makefile, as per section 15.2.3 in
> That way, the original example config file is copied into place in
> PKG_SYSCONFDIR, and the example file is removed when the package is
> removed, but the copy in PKG_SYSCONFDIR is (and should be!) left
> alone when the package is deleted.

Hej Håvard :-)

(CONF_FILES is configured as described above, as OBATA Akio pointed  
that out before).
But I didn't think of adding the PKG_SYSCONFDIR statement... :-(

Thanks for pointing in the right direction!

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