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Re: new package: gallery2


> DEPENDS+=             
> {mysql-,pgsql-}server-[0-9]*:../../databases/mysql5-server

Probably no need to depend on database servers.

> SUBST_SED.paths+=     -e 's,@G2DIR@,${G2DIR},g'
> SUBST_SED.paths+=     -e 's,@G2DATA@,${G2DATA},g'

You can use
SUBST_VARS.paths=       G2DIR G2DATA

> do-install:
>       ${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKDIR}/gallery2.conf ${EGDIR}/gallery2.conf
>       ${CP} -R ${WRKSRC}/* ${G2DIR}
>       ${CHMOD} 666 ${G2DIR}/config.php
>       ${INSTALL_DATA} ${FILESDIR}/.htaccess ${G2DIR}/.htaccess

You can add DESTDIR support.

And for config.php, how about using CONF_FILES?

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