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Re: Linux DESTDIR bulk build result are available

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

>  >> Linux DESTDIR bulk build result are available here
>  >> 
>  >> 
>> Thank you, this is very useful!
>> However I think that the ``Failures per maintainer'' is completely
>> useless. Because the MAINTAINER could read the package that fail on
>> ``Failed packages'', and with a simple regular expression she/he
>> could read her/his failed maintained packages.
> Grepping report is still very easy.
> $ wget 
> $ awk '
>    /Failed packages/, /Failed due/ {
>       if ($NF ~ /pkgsrc-users@/) print $0
>    }' report.txt

So, why the hell, if I search your report for my name, I find unrelated 
Clearly, bug in your software.


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