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please review wip/postoffice


wip/postoffice is ready for review.  please help me correct things if 

postoffice is a tiny, simple, milter, auth (without cyrus-sasl!) 
efficient smtp daemon (think of e.g. thttpd).

the package has only been tested a bit on a netbsd/sparc64 box for now. 
  It's my first pkgsrc package.  I'm not sure if it's looking for in ${PREFIX} by default so I hardcoded 
rc_flags="-C@PREFIX@/etc/ $rc_flags".  Ehm, and is it 
looking for virtual (vm-pop3d style) mboxes in ${PREFIX}/etc/virtual and 
${PREFIX}/var/virtual instead of /etc/virtual and /var/virtual ?
I defined the former into Makefile in case mk.conf:POSTOFFICE_VIRTUAL=YES

Pierre-Philipp Braun

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