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Please review icecc

Please review icecc, which I have just updated at last, its been languishing in my bottom drawer for ages.

IceCC is a Control Centre for IceWM and is a collection of tools, though the author's scheme is that the package version is based on the icecc version and package revision is incremented when tools are updated, hence version 2.9nb1 to match the rpm's for Linux.

The only bit I dont like, is the preferences editor part, which suggests using the Vim editor (although any text editor is Ok) and I've included a MESSAGE to point to the parts that would need installing if you wanted to use that instead of depending on vim in the package.

I cant see a useful way to have a dependency on Vim, since it comes in various flavours (vim, vim-gtk2, vim-kde, vim-motif, etc..) and they are mutually exclusive. I did think about depending on vim-share, but it does a strange thing with its files, puts them in /usr/pkg/share/vim/vim63 where 63 is version 6.3, which I can't actually get hold of.

Anybody got a better idea than just installing the Vim config files and leaving a MESSAGE for the user?


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