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please review lighttpd and php-fcgi

OK, so..I'm new here :)

I've added two packages into wip:

1. lighttpd - fast as lightning http server, homepage:

It is very fast and has low memory consumptions, has many loadable modules
like fastcgi, rewrite and compress.
I don't know now what to do with mod_mysql_vhost which compiles even when I
tell configure not to do this.

The PKGNAME and DISTNAME variables are specified separately because lighttpd
snapshots' name convention is like "lighttpd-1.3.11-${DATE}.tar.gz" and this
separation allows handling it easy.

2. php-fcgi - it's just PHP FastCGI binary, using .mk from lang/php - based
on www/ap-php :). I've tested it with php4 on NetBSD 2.0 and it works ok.

PS. Sorry for my poor English ;)



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