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Importing ghdl to wip -- need some advices

Hi all!

I successfully compiled ghdl ( under NetBSD with a
small patch.  It is a "language module" to gcc, that enables someone
program in VHDL using GCC backend.g

In summary, compilation instructions are:

1. Download and untar gcc-4.3.4.

2. Download and untar ghdl-0.29.

3. Move ghdl-0.29/vhdl directory to gcc-4.3.4/gcc.

4. Compile it with ./configure --enable-languages=vhdl

My question is: how to express this very tight dependency of gcc-4.3.4
and ghdl, ghdl not being a library nor a standalone program, but a
module of gcc-4.3.4?  How to express this information in the package

Should I be asking this in tech-pkg@?

Thank you.

Silas Silva

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