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Re: zabbix 1.8.1 -> 1.8.5


Torsten Harenberg <> writes:

> Dear list,
> (sorry, my first post to this list, although I'm already subscribed for a 
> while).
> I tried wip/zabbix and while fighting against a segmentation fault in 
> zabbix_agentd, I updated the package from 1.8.1 to the latest stable version 
> 1.8.5.
> This helped against the segmentation fault which seems to be gone.
> I changed only the relevant parts for the upgrade up to now (new patches, new 
> checksums, new PLIST). The package compiles and installs fine on my NetBSD 
> 5.1/amd64 machine. While the package is not being perfect (I think to make it 
> really "complete", there are dependencies missing, for example apache and 
> ap-php and friends), I'd like to ask if it would be okay to check-in the 
> changes?

Just check them in.

(You could also check commit log and see that the last entry says
"Commit work in progress update to ZABBIX 1.8.1.")


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