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Re: ghc-7.0.1 download link broken

> On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 08:22:29PM +0400, Dmitry Cherkassov wrote:
>> Download link for ghc seems broken.
>> This works on my setup
>> diff -r1.28 Makefile
>> 6c6
>> ---
> Please just commit the fix to the wip repository.

I just committed it.

Btw, I'm currently preparing for an upstream update to GHC
7.0.3. Packages for Darwin/PPC and FreeBSD/i386 are already working
here but NetBSD/i386 support is still a wip.

Though I also want to port it to NetBSD/amd64, that won't be possible
until GHC becomes a cross-compiler:
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