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Update the TODO with "ready to import" packages?

Hi wip:ers,

I took a look in the pkgsrc-wip repo, and there are roughly ~2500 wip  
packages in there now.
However there are only 12 packages under the headline "Suggested ready  
to import packages"
I made a run for some of those (which are deleted from the list now),  
but its hardly noticeable...

I think there are probably several more that are okay to import to  
pkgsrc, but the question is...which ones?

I propose that all that have "ready" and reviewed packages that are  
ready to be imported to pkgsrc, should update the ./TODO and add those  
under the above mentioned headline. Maybe wiz@ (or other TNF members)  
want to put down some simple rules for those packages that wants to go  
to the TODO list?
eg. like pkglint shouldn't generate any errors and warning, make  
PKG_DEVELOPER=yes install shouldn't complain, etc. etc.

How about it?


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