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Re: CVS commit: wip/zkt

On Thu, 5 Feb 2009, Fredrik Pettai wrote:

> Import into wip/zkt
> Log Message:
> Import zkt-0.98 as wip/zkt.
> ZKT is a tool to manage keys and signatures for DNSSEC-zones.
> The Zone Key Tool consist of two commands:
> * dnssec-zkt to create and list dnssec zone keys and
> * dnssec-signer to sign a zone and manage the lifetime of the zone signing 
> keys
> Both commands are simple wrapper commands around the dnssec-keygen(8) and
> dnssec-signzone(8) commands provided by BIND.

Thanks for importing this. I had been planning to do it. It (but older 
zkt) is also available in BIND 9.6 in its contrib source (but not in 

I am curious how the zkt tools are working for you or how your DNSSEC 
deployment is going. I am working on some DNSSEC documentation and tools 
and could use some feedback on what could make it easier. You may reply to 
me off-list if you like.

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