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CVS commit: wip/netatalk20

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   hfath
Date:           Thu Aug  4 11:49:17 UTC 2011

Import into wip/netatalk20

Log Message:
Import netatalk20-2.0.5 as wip/netatalk20.

Netatalk is a freely-available, kernel level implementation of the AppleTalk
Protocol Suite, originally for BSD-derived systems. A *NIX/*BSD system
running netatalk is capable of serving many macintosh clients simultaneously
as an AppleTalk router, AppleShare file server (AFP), *NIX/*BSD print server,
and for accessing AppleTalk printers via Printer Access Protocol (PAP).
Included are a number of minor printing and debugging utilities.

Since AppleTalk support in newer Netatalk is increasingly suffering
from bit rot, import an up-to-date (wrt. pkgsrc) Netatalk 2.0 package.


Vendor Tag:     HFATH
Release Tags:   HFATH_20110804
N wip/netatalk20/
N wip/netatalk20/Makefile
N wip/netatalk20/MESSAGE
N wip/netatalk20/PLIST
N wip/netatalk20/distinfo
N wip/netatalk20/
N wip/netatalk20/DESCR
N wip/netatalk20/MESSAGE.pam
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-aa
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ae
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-am
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ap
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-bi
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-bj
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ad
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ab
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ah
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-an
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ag
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-af
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ao
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ai
N wip/netatalk20/patches/patch-ac

No conflicts created by this import

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