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CVS commit: wip/takao-fonts-ttf

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   phonohawk
Date:           Sat Sep 18 03:12:32 UTC 2010

Import into wip/takao-fonts-ttf

Log Message:
Import takao-fonts-ttf-003.02.01 as wip/takao-fonts-ttf.

IPA Fonts are high quality Japanese outline fonts developed by
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(called IPA for
short). It's released under the IPA Font license which allow us to
modify and redistribute them on the condition of avoiding to use the
word "IPA" for derivatives' name and following some other restrictions
(see IPA Font License for detail). This restriction means that only
IPA modify and release the IPA Fonts themselves. It seemed that IPA
carefully review their fonts to avoid including odd characters, and so
it takes much time until the new version releases. This process is
beleived necessary to protect against spreading wrong Japanese
characters. But on the other hand this is inconvenient for some
products such as community developed operating systems or embedded
softwares which are disposed to include high quality Japanese
fonts. Because we are prohibited to apply any patch and release them
with the name "IPA Font" even if we found bugs on them, therefore we
can't guarantee the quality of these fonts.

This project is for avoiding this problem with changing their names.

We named "Takao Fonts" for our derivatives. "Takao" is from the first
name of the late Mr.Takao HAYASHI who is original desiner of
TypeBank(TB) Mincho and Gothic which are origin of IPA Fonts. His wife
consented us to use this name for ours.


Vendor Tag:     PHONOHAWK
Release Tags:   PHONOHAWK_20100918
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        cvs checkout -jPHONOHAWK:yesterday -jPHONOHAWK wip/takao-fonts-ttf

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