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CVS commit: wip/gimmie

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Thu Mar 12 11:15:32 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        wip/gimmie: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.2.8, convert to user-destdir:

Version 0.2.8, October 30, 2007
* Many code cleanups and bugs fixed
* Hide experimental categories and features
* Build known-good libgmenu bindings

Version 0.2.7, June 8, 2007
* Pidgin online status support (James Ogley)
* Layout fixes for different panel orientations
* Fix Gtk 2.10 recently used handling
* List files downloaded by Epiphany (Tony Tsui)
* Many code cleanups and bugs fixed

Version 0.2.6, March 22, 2007
* Place toplevel applications in Other category (Mads Villadsen)
* New Administration category in Computer topic (Mads Villadsen)
* Remove topic right-click menus
* Parse Tomboy notes in main thread
* Ignore missing ~/.tomboy directory
* Support Compiz-style viewports in the pager (Tony Tsui)

Version 0.2.5, March 16, 2007
* Hordes of bug fixes and stability improvements
* Improve async loading and memory pressure
* Support marking Drives as Favorite
* Improved sizing of applet menus
* Open Tomboy note:// URLs correctly. (Sandy Armstrong)
* Handle non-UTF8 filenames

Version 0.2.4, March 1, 2007
* Add applet preferences dialog (Johannes Schmid)
* Make all file operations async
* Discover files downloaded with Mozilla
* Fiddle with topic names
* Add Suspend to shutdown dialog (
* Add history graph for Recently Used
* Fix grabbing for toolbar submenus
* Hint bug-buddy to file bugs in GNOME Bugzilla
* Better support openSUSE (James Ogley)
* Support newest dbus-python
* Hordes of other bug fixes

Version 0.2.3, February 6, 2007
* Fix crash opening People pane (bug #404909)

Version 0.2.2, February 6, 2007
* Support different panel layouts (Markus Jonsson)
* Favorite items get a heart
* GTK 2.10 RecentManager support (James Bowes)
* Install Gimmie icons from Drew Kerr
* Remove devel package dependencies
* "All Favorites" support in Computer
* Fix bug with missing .gtk-bookmarks file
* Give applet transparent background (Christian Hammond)
* Support for running uninstalled build

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 wip/gimmie/Makefile

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