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CVS commit: wip/tor

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   athaba
Date:           Thu Jul 10 22:48:20 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        wip/tor: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Updated to version

o Major bugfixes:
 - If you have more than one bridge but don't know their keys,
   you would only launch a request for the descriptor of the first one
   on your list. (Tor considered launching requests for the others, but
   found that it already had a connection on the way for $0000...0000
   so it didn't open another.) Bugfix on 0.2.0.x.
 - If you have more than one bridge but don't know their keys, and the
   connection to one of the bridges failed, you would cancel all
   pending bridge connections. (After all, they all have the same
   digest.) Bugfix on 0.2.0.x.
 - When a hidden service was trying to establish an introduction point,
   and Tor had built circuits preemptively for such purposes, we
   were ignoring all the preemptive circuits and launching a new one
   instead. Bugfix on
 - When a hidden service was trying to establish an introduction point,
   and Tor *did* manage to reuse one of the preemptively built
   circuits, it didn't correctly remember which one it used,
   so it asked for another one soon after, until there were no
   more preemptive circuits, at which point it launched one from
   scratch. Bugfix on 0.0.9.x.
 - Make directory servers include the X-Your-Address-Is: http header in
   their responses even for begin_dir conns. Now clients who only
   ever use begin_dir connections still have a way to learn their IP
   address. Fixes bug 737; bugfix on Reported by goldy.

o Minor bugfixes:
 - Fix a macro/CPP interactions that was confusing some compilers:
   some GCCs don't like #if/#endif pairs inside macro arguments.
   Fix for bug 707.
 - Fix macro collision between OpenSSL 0.9.8h and Windows headers.
   Fixes bug 704; fix from Steven Murdoch.
 - When opening /dev/null in finish_daemonize(), do not pass the
   O_CREAT flag. Fortify was complaining, and correctly so. Fixes
   bug 742; fix from Michael Scherer. Bugfix on 0.0.2pre19.
 - Correctly detect transparent proxy support on Linux hosts that
   require in.h to be included before netfilter_ipv4.h.  Patch
   from coderman.
 - Disallow session resumption attempts during the renegotiation
   stage of the v2 handshake protocol.  Clients should never be
   trying session resumption at this point, but apparently some
   did, in ways that caused the handshake to fail.  Bugfix on  Bug found by Geoff Goodell.

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