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CVS commit: wip/opal

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   othyro
Date:           Sat Jul 28 14:20:08 UTC 2007

Import into wip/opal

Log Message:

OPAL is the "next generation" of OpenH323 that has a new architecture.
Not only does it support H.323 and SIP, but new VoIP protocols or
devices can be added very easily.
BTW: OPAL is an acronym for Open Phone Abstraction Library, but
that is not really important :)


Vendor Tag:     OTHYRO
Release Tags:   OTHYRO_20070728
C wip/opal/PLIST
C wip/opal/Makefile
U wip/opal/DESCR
C wip/opal/distinfo

3 conflicts created by this import.
Use the following command to help the merge:

        cvs checkout -jOTHYRO:yesterday -jOTHYRO wip/opal

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