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CVS commit: wip/bouml

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   obache
Date:           Thu Mar 15 11:24:51 UTC 2007

Modified Files:
        wip/bouml: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        wip/bouml/patches: patch-aa
Removed Files:
        wip/bouml: TODO

Log Message:
Update bouml to 2.22.
Add more patch to Makefile, now can build PLIST with `make print-PLIST`.
Remain no TODO about this package.


    * Previous releases allow to define an association from a source artifact 
(artifact stereotyped source) to another artifact and forbid to do that from a 
non source artifact. This was wrong, the goal is to define association from a 
non source artifact to another artifact, not the reverse. Fixed.

    * New toggle add operation profile on body edition in the menu 
miscellaneous, it is exclusive with preserve operations's body, and not set by 
default. When you edit an operation's body and this toggle is set, the C++ or 
Java operation's definition you see behind result after substitution in the 
operation dialog is added before the operation body. This allows you to know 
which operation is edited and to see the operation profile. Of course the added 
header is removed when the (may be) new operation's body is taken into account.

    * New drawing setting called show parameter direction allowing to choose to 
hide or to show the operation parameters direction and default value when a 
class is drawn in a class diagram. Only active when show classes members full 
definition values yes and when the drawing language is UML. Values yes by 
default at project level and default at other levels to be compatible with the 
previous releases.

    * Modification of the drawing setting called draw all classes relations :
          o in the previous releases it concerned only the relations between 
classes in a class diagram, still now it applies on relations between any 
element in any diagram.
          o in the previous releases it was possible to set this settings at 
class level, this means for a given class drawing. This is not possible 
anymore. To don't disturb old class diagrams, when a class has this setting set 
to no this setting is forced to no at diagram level. To don't disturb old other 
diagrams, this setting is forced to no for them.
          o of course it is renamed draw all relations.

    * The getter and setter operations was updated each time the edition of the 
corresponding attribute or relation was confirmed. It is now possible to freeze 
their definition through a check box added in the C++, Java and IDL tab of the 
getter and setter operation dialog. By default their are not frozen to be 
compatible with previous releases.

    * In the generation settings it is now possible to ask for a C++ setter 
operation to receive its argument by reference. By default the argument is 
still given by value to be compatible with previous releases.

    * In the previous releases the generation directories specified in the 
generation settings was to be absolute. It is now possible to enter relative 
paths, relative to the project path.

    * C++ Generator 2.4.6
      In the previous releases the description of a static attribute was only 
generated for the attribute declaration but not for its definition, done.
      To generate the template header of an operation definition or a static 
relation definition after the description associated to ${comment} or 
${description} rather than before.
      To manage relative path in the generation settings.

    * Java Generator 2.7.3
      Idl Generator 2.3.2
      To manage relative path in the generation settings.

    * XMI2 Import 1.0.1
      Little modifications to be less strict and import files produced by more 

    * Plug-out upgrade 1.3.5
      to upgrade plug-out to manage new drawing setting show parameter 
direction and new getter and setter properties.

    * Plug-out empty
      Upgraded by plug-out upgrade.
    * Because the format of the BOUML files is changed, the previous releases 
of BOUML cannot read a project saved with this version.


    * Previous release doesn't allow to have project's name containing dots, 

    * It was not possible to add generalization or dependency in a package 
through a plug-out, fixed.

    * To use the buttons left button or right button before loading a projet 
crash Bouml, fixed. Remark : these buttons are usefull only after loading a 
project and the selection of at least two elements in the browser.

    * Information, warning and critical message boxes are now placed taken into 
account the optional screen subpart specified by the environment variable 

    * XMI2 Import 1.0
      New plug-out, must be applied on a package, or the project.
      Allows to import an XMI 2.1 file for UML 2.0 or 2.1, please refer to the 
      This plug-out is configured by default in the new projects. The name of 
the executable to add it to the plug-outs list of the existing projects is 

    * C++ Generator 2.4.5
      Java Generator 2.7.2
      Idl Generator 2.3.1
      Previous releases rewrite unnecessarily the files containing at least a 
character of code > 127, fixed.
      Error messages are written in red.

    * XMI2 Generator 1.2
      Add generation of association classes.
      Modify the generation of a trigger associated to an activity accept event 
      Modify the generation of a signal associated to an activity send signal 
action and activity broadcast signal action.
      The transition's name was not generated, fixed.


    * When you edited a relation drawn from a non read-only class to a 
read-only class, the kind of the relation indicated in the dialog was wrong, 

    * The name of a directory containing a project must be equal to the 
project's name. Produces a dedicated message when you try to open a project 
whose doesn't follow this rule.

    * Add an historic of the selected elements in the browser, navigation is 
done through the buttons left button and right button.

    * XMI2 Generator 1.1
      uml: was missing before the activity node type, the deployment node and 
the artifact, in forms xmi:type="uml:<the type>", fixed.
      Modify the generation of the default value of a formal parameter


    * Bouml crashed when you edit a class having a dependency to a package, 

    * Management of deleted but still referenced objects was not always done 
when a project was loaded and may produced a crash, fixed.

    * In an operation declaration, ${class} was not substituted by the class's 
name, this is done now. Because ${class} is normally not used in an operation 
declaration, the goal is probably to place it in the documentation.

    * In the previous releases a dependency not stereotyped friend produced an 
#include in the header file in C++. Now you are able to choose where the 
#include must be generated, and the default is now in the source file. Of 
course the already existing dependencies continue tu produce the #include in 
the header file while you don't modify them.

    * In the previous releases when a class A was duplicated to the class B 
only the constructor and destructor operations was renamed to use B rather than 
A. Now the operations and attributes are also modified to replace the 
references of A to B ( the texts containing A are unchanged, for instance an 
attribute of type A& and the body of the operations are unchanged).

    * C++ Generator 2.4.4
      To substitute ${class} by the class's name in an operation declaration.
      Improvement in the computing of the type dependency used to generate 
declaration and #include.
      To follow the new rule concerning the dependencies

    * C++ Reverse 2.2.6
      Forms like typedef class C1 {...} C2; and typedef struct S1 S2; was not 
reversed, done.

    * XMI2 Generator 1.0.1
      Generates xmi:version rather than xmi.version, xmi:idref rather than 
xmi.idref and xmi:id rather than

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