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CVS commit: wip/comix

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   thomasklausner
Date:           Tue Jul  4 20:09:20 UTC 2006

Modified Files:
        wip/comix: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        wip/comix: TODO
        wip/comix/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 3.2.1:

Comix 3.2.1

    - Added support for the `rar` program in addition to `unrar` to handle 
    RAR (.cbr) files.
    - Updated Polish translation by Kamil Leduchowski.
    - Some minor changes.

Comix 3.2
    - Changed PyGTK requirement to version 2.8 or higher.
    - Added a "Fit width mode" and a "Fit height mode" that automatically
    scales images to fit the width or height of the window.
    - Default filenames for extracted images are changed to 
    <archive_name>_<page>.<ext> from <page>.<ext>.
    - Moved the manga mode setting from the preferences dialog to the menus.
    - Redesigned the library interface a bit. The background colour is now
    fixed and does not change with the background colour of the main window.
    Default thumbnail size is now 128x128 px, and thumbnails have a border to
    make them more clearly separated. 
    - Added Greek translation by Paul Chatzidimitriou.
    - Xie Yanbo updated the Simplified Chinese translation.
    - Changed the menu icons for "Open library..." and "Add to library". The 
    icons are taken from the Silk Icons set at
    - Broken images are now correctly handled by the thumbnail sidebar.
    - The workaround against a problem with unrar applied in version 3.1.3 has
    been removed again. It created some new problems with archives that
    have multiple files with the same filename in different subdirectories.
    - Fixed a bug so that translations and extra icons are always available
    when running Comix from the source directory, no matter what directory is 
    the current working directory.
    - Fixed a bug in the "Go to page dialog" that caused the page to not be
    changed when manually typing in a new page number and pressing Enter.
    - Some minor changes.

Comix 3.1.3
    - Added Polish translation by Kamil Leduchowski.
    - Updated French translation by Achraf Cherti.

Comix 3.1.2

    - Fixed a bug which caused ALL files to be added to the library when 
    adding in recursive mode instead of just archives. Also, only files with
    cbz, cbr or cbt as filename extension will now be added in recursive mode
    to avoid adding cruft files with the same magic numbers as the archives.

Comix 3.1.1

    - Added automatic dependency checking to
    - Added error messages and graceful exit from Comix in the case of missing

    - Applied a workaround for a bug(?) in unrar that caused problems with
    some RAR archives containing directories with invalid filename encodings.
    Thanks to François Ingelrest.
    - Updated French translation by Achraf Cherti.
    - Changed the "Use stored thumbnails for images in archives" preference to
    off by default.
    - Changed the "Go to the next archive in directory after last page"
    preference to on by default.

Comix 3.1

    - Created a new convert dialog that is built from the standard GTK+ save
    dialog. It now supports saving in different directories etc.
    - Added an "Extract image" menu item that lets you extract individual
    images from the archive.
    - Added support for recursive adding of archives to the library.
    - Added a Frech translation by Achraf Cherti.
    - Fixed a bug which rendered the magnifying lens and the ability to drag
    images around with the mouse useless in some situations, and with some
    certain versions (7.0?) of
    - Pressing enter in the "Go to page" dialog entry now has the same effect
    as pressing OK.
    - Applied a workaround for a bug(?) in certain builds of PIL that made
    Comix crash when it tried to draw page numbers on thumbnails. Now Comix
    simply ignores the page numbers if this problem occurs and imforms the
    user that a different version of PIL is required, instead of crashing.
Comix 3.0.1
    - Added a Dutch translation by Arthur Nieuwland.

Comix 3.0
    - Major cleanup of the entire code base.
    - Completely redesigned the properties dialog.
    - Comix now stores a list of the 10 last viewed files. It also updates the
    ~/.recently-used file as is proposed by the standard.
    Thanks to Jose M. daLuz.
    - Added an "Add to library" menu item.
    - Redesigned the library window slightly.
    - Added an Italian translation by Raimondo Giammanco.
    - The Nautilus thumbnailer, comicthumb, has been updated by Christoph Wolk
    to support subarchives among other things.
    - Added a preference to set the size of the magnifying lens. Thanks to 
    Jose M. daLuz.
    - Added a scalable svg icon.
    - Improved handling of files without read permission. 
    - Fixed a bug which caused the recommended name for a converted directory
    of images to be the same as one of the image files plus filename extension
    instead of the name of the directory plus filename extension. Thanks to 
    Manuel Quiñones.
    - Fixed a bug with the magnifying lens which could appear when using it in
    double page mode and manga mode, possibly showing the images as if not in
    manga mode.
    - Fixed a bug which caused unnecessary reloading of files from disk when
    resizing images that is already in memory in double page mode.
    - Fixed a bug which could cause the wrong image to be displayed when 
    continuously flipping forward really fast in cache mode.
    - Some minor fixes.

Comix 2.9

    - Added a comic book library feature to Comix. Comic book archives can be
    added to the library through a dialog or by drag and drop. The comic books
    appear as covers in the library window where they can be browsed or
    opened. They can be easily filtered by typing in regular expressions.
    - When dropping multiple files on the Comix main window, the first file
    gets opened now instead of none.
    - The convert dialog now saves the last used archive type. 

    - Fixed a memory leak when creating new thumbnails from files.
    - Some minor fixes.

Comix 2.8

    - MIME types for cbz, cbr and cbt archives are now registered by default.
    Use the --no-mime flag for to skip it.
    - Added a thumbnailer (by Christoph Wolk) that lets file managers create
    thumbnails for cbz, cbr and cbt archives. Currently it is only supported
    by Nautilus and does not affect other file managers. It is installed if
    the --no-mime flag is not given to Nautilus has to be
    restarted before the thumbnailer is activated.

    - Added a "Hide all" menu item which hides menubar, toolbar, statusbar, 
    scrollbars and thumbnails at once.
    - Added an option to only display a single image in double page mode if
    that image consists of two pages. An image is assumed to consist of two
    pages if it's width is greater than it's height.
    - Filename is now displayed as well as directory name when viewing images
    in a directory in single page mode.
    - Changed max zoom to 1000% to prevent X server resource drains.
    - F11 can now be used to toggle fullscreen mode.

    - Fixed a bug which caused the cursor to be invisible when dragging around
    an image in fullscreen mode.
    - Fixed a bug which removed the drag and drop functionality.
    - Fixed a bug which could cause the scroll wheel to stop working when
    displaying the magnifying lens by pressing the middle mouse button,
    holding down the right mouse button and letting go the middle mouse button
    - Fixed a bug which could cause the chess board pattern background for
    small transparent images to be zoomed in or out when changing size.
    - Fixed a bug which could cause changes of saturation in small images to
    not be updated when changing it and changing it back again.
    - Fixed a bug which could cause the images to be scaled incorrectly when
    the "Use smart scaling in double page mode" preference was set.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the thumb selection not to be updated when
    moving from page two to page one in double page mode.
    - Some minor fixes.

Comix 2.7

    - Improved image quality through dithering in 16 bits per pixel. Thanks to
    John Ellis, the author of GQview, for helping me with this.
    - Added previews of files in the "Open" dialog. Stored thumbnails are used
    when they exist, otherwise previews are created directly from the files.
    Previews of archives are also available, but only when thumbnails have
    already been stored for that archive.
    - The cursor is now only being hidden when it has been idle for two
    seconds instead of always.
    - Changed "Hide cursor in fullscreen mode" to on by default.
    - Added chess board pattern as background for transparent images.
    - Added file filters to the "Open" dialog.
    - Saturation adjustment now affects the magnifying lens also.
    - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Marcelo Góes.
    - Added German translation by Christoph Wolk.
    - Added a "comix.xml" file which can be installed to register cbz, cbr and
    cbt mime types. Because of inconsistency on some systems, mime types are
    not registered by default. Follow the instructions in the mime README file
    to install. Thanks to Cristoph Wolk for this contribution.
    - Changed permissions of temporary folders to octal 700 to preserve the
    users privacy.
    - Added page number information to thumbnails generated for archives. This
    information will displayed for previews of archives if available.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the image width and height information embedded
    in thumbnails to be put in the wrong namespace of the PNG tEXt chunks.
    - Fixed possible wrong permissions of thumbnail folders on some systems.
    Permissions should now always be 700.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the magnifying lens to display the wrong page
    in manga mode (thanks Christoph Wolk).
    - Fixed a bug which could cause Comix to crash when trying to view a very
    small image scaled down so that it contained no pixels at all.
    - Some minor fixes.

Comix 2.6

    - Comix now conforms to the thumbnail managing standard as proposed by Thumbnails for plain image files can be read and written
    to ~/.thumbnails where they are shared with other applications conforming
    to the same standard. Thumbnails for images in archives can also be
    stored, but due to limitations in the standard they are stored in ~/.comix
    for private use by Comix only.

    - Improved handling of corrupt and missing files. Comix now simply
    displays a "file missing" image instead of terminating.

    - Added a menu entry for the lens toggle action.
    - Some minor fixes.

Comix 2.5

    - Added a mouse controlled "magnification lens" that can be used to zoom
    in on parts of the images. It will appear while holding the middle mouse
    button. Pressing 'z' can also toggle it on or off.

    - Added the ability to set the size of the thumbnails.
    - Improved the look of the bookmark handling features. Small thumbnails
    will now be displayed for the bookmarks.
    - Fixed a bug which caused one of the two images in double page mode to
    remain displayed even after using the "Close" command.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the "Use smart scaling in double page mode"
    preference to misbehave with rotated images.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the convert dialog to not automatically fill in
    a new filename for files with non-UTF8 filenames.
    - Some minor fixes.
Comix 2.4.1
    - Improved cache handling slightly.
    - FIxed a bug which could cause Comix to crash when starting with the
    "Save window position and size for future sessions" option turned on.

    - Fixed a bug which caused only one thumbnail to remain selected when 
    clicking on the first of the two selected thumbnails in double page mode.
    - Fixed a bug which caused Comix to always go to the first page when
    reloading thumbnails in double page mode due to switching the "Show page
    numbers on thumbnails" on or off.

Comix 2.4
    - Added full support for internationalization (i18n). Apart from English,
    Comix is now translated to Swedish, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.
    - Added an option to let Comix automatically adjust the contrast of the
    images so that the darkest pixel is completely black and the lightest
    pixel is completely white.
    - Added an option to space key "smart scrolling" feature as if in double
    page mode even when in single page mode.
    - Added thin borders around the thumbnails so that they should be more 
    easily distinguished.
    - Added accelerators for more menu items.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the wrong image to be displayed when viewing
    the third last and the second last pages in double page mode, exiting
    double page mode and flipping forward one page.
    - Fixed a bug which caused Comix to display no warning when trying to
    create a file in a directory where it does not have permission to do so.

Comix 2.3

    - Comix now depends on the Python Imaging Library 
    ( to handle some image 
    - Added the ability to rotate and mirror images.
    - Added an option to set the contrast of the images.
    - Added an option to show the page numbers in the upper left corner of
    each thumbnail.
    - Cleaned up the preferences dialog a bit.

    - The arrow keys now flips pages in fit-to-screen mode.
    - Added an option to go to the same directory as last time when opening
    the "Open" dialog, instead of always going to a preset directory.
    - Fixed a bug which caused comments to not be displayed until after all
    thumbnails had been loaded when using the "Always view comments when
    opening a new file" option.
    - Fixed a bug which caused comment files in a directory, had their 
    extensions been added to the comment extensions list while the directory
    was loaded, to not be opened correctly until the directory had been
    - Fixed a bug which caused the scrollbars to not align themselves 
    automatically when switching between viewing comments and viewing images.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the "Fit width", "Fit height" and "Best fit"
    commands to scale incorrectly when viewing thumbnails.
    - Fixed a bug which could cause the wrong image to be displayed if
    switching from one page to another and back again really quickly.
    - Some minor fixes.

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.2 -r0 wip/comix/TODO

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