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CVS commit: wip/pwlib

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   roelants
Date:           Sat May 27 14:10:52 UTC 2006

Import into wip/pwlib

Log Message:
This is a devel/pwlib upgraded (from 1.8.3 to 1.10.0). I can't find
a summary of the changes since then (since end of november 2004?).

I need the newer version for wip/opal and since it doesn't work
completely yet (can't link anything with it), and the problem might
be here (in pwllib) I'm importing it as wip.

PWLib is a moderately large class library that has its genesis
many years ago as a method to product applications to run on both
Microsoft Windows and Unix X-Windows systems.

Since then the system has grown to having quite good application
to areas other than mere Windows GUI portability. Classes for I/O
portability, multi-threading portability, aid in producing unix
daemons and NT services portably and all sorts of internet protocols
were added over the years.

All this over and above basic "container" classes such as arrays,
linear lists, sorted lists (RB Tree) and dictionaries (hash tables)
which were all created before STL became the answer to all our prayers.


Vendor Tag:     ROELANTS
Release Tags:   ROELANTS_20060527
N wip/pwlib/PLIST
N wip/pwlib/DESCR
N wip/pwlib/
N wip/pwlib/Makefile
N wip/pwlib/distinfo
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-bb
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ab
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ac
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ae
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-af
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ag
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ah
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ai
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ak
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-al
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-am
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-an
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ao
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ap
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-aq
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ar
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-as
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-at
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-au
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-av
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-aw
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ba
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-aa
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-ad
N wip/pwlib/patches/patch-bd

No conflicts created by this import

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