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CVS commit: wip/p5-Log-Log4perl

Module name:    pkgsrc-wip
Committed by:   jgoamakf
Date:           Tue Mar 29 04:38:15 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
        wip/p5-Log-Log4perl: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-Log-Log4perl to 0.51.

Changes from 0.48:

0.51 (01/08/2005)
    * (ms) Jon Bjornstad noticed that the file appender wasn't including
           $! in the die() exception thrown if open_file() fails. Added it.
    * (ms) Added umask option to file appender
    * (ms) Fix to L4p::Util::module::available() for Win32
           compliance by Roger Yager <>
    * (ms) Added check to L4p::Util::module_available() returning true
           if the pm file is available in %INC, indicating that it has
           already been loaded. This fixes a problem when running L4p
           in a PAR binary.
    * (ms) Added remove_appender() and eradicate_appender() method to
 , test cases and documentation on the main Log4perl
    * (ms) Added a generic buffered composite appender, L4p::Appender::Buffer,
           buffering messages until a trigger condition is met.

0.50 (12/08/2004)
    * (ms) Added ':resurrect' source filter, which uncomments all lines
           starting with "###l4p". Can be used for hidden L4p statements,
           which are then activated by calling
           'use Log::Log4perl qw(:resurrect)'.
    * (ms) Fixed Win32 test suite bug: File::Spec->catfile() returns '/'
           as a path separator on both Unix and Win32, while Log4perl's
           layouts (derived from caller() info) use '\' on Win32 and '/'
           on Unix. Changed tests to only verify file name, not path.
    * (ms) Added 'appender_by_name()' to retrieve an appender defined
           in the configuration file by name later.
    * (ms) Added FAQ on "stubbing out" L4p macros in environments
           that don't have L4p installed.
    * (ms) Added convenience function appender_thresholds_adjust() to adjust
           thresholds of chosen (or all) appenders
    * (ms) Got rid of Test::Simple dependency
    * (ms) Moved autoflush setting in L4p::Appender::File from log()
           to file_open(), running only once, not with every message.
    * (ms) Applied doc fixes suggested by Jon Bjornstad.
    * (ms) Added ScreenANSIColor appender to colorize messages based on
           their priority. See Log::Log4perl::Appender::ScreenANSIColor.

0.49 (11/07/2004)
    * (ms) init_and_watch() no longer die()s on reloading syntactically
           wrong configuration files but issues a warning and then
           reloads the last working config.
    * (ms) init() now also accepts an open file handle (passed in as a
           glob) to a configuration file or a ref to an IO::File object.
    * (ms) Jos I. Boumans <> and
           Chris Winters <> reported an error thrown
           by L4p in their app SPOPS: During global construction. Looks
           like the Logger object's internal hash is cleared and then
           the is_<level> method gets called, resulting in a runtime
           exception. Added proposed remedy checking if the called
           method is defined by ref.
    * (ms) Added check to init_and_watch if obtaining the mod
           timestamp failed.

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