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CVS commit: wip/unrealircd/patches

Module name:    pkgsrc-wip
Committed by:   adrian_p
Date:           Fri Mar 25 10:36:07 UTC 2005

Modified Files:
        wip/unrealircd/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
- Update from 3.2.2b -> 3.2.3
- Whitespace police
- Fix TRE handling
- PLIST sorting

==[ NEW ]==
- Channel mode +I (invex, invite exceptions). Users on this list can join +i 
  without needing an /invite.
- Channel mode +j (jointhrottle). If you set +j X:Y you limit each user 
  to X joins per Y seconds to the channel.
- Nick Character System: this allows you to choose which additional characters 
  allow in nicknames by language (and codepage). Currently available are:
  catalan, dutch, french, german, swiss-german, icelandic, italian, spanish,
  swedish, hungarian, polish, romanian, slovak, czech, greek, turkish, russian,
  hebrew and chinese. There are also several 'groups' available, for more info 
- *NIX: ./Config -advanced, allows you to choose more options
- tld::botmotd and tld::opermotd
- Using /INVITE with no parameters will a list of channels you are invited to
  but have not yet joined.
- set::gline-address, works just like set::kline-address but then for glines.
- Added a basic regex tutorial in unreal32docs.html
- /SAJOIN now supports multiple channels (and '0') again.
- Spamfilter topic support ('t' in spamfilter, 'topic' in conf).
- Added a feature to +b/+e ~c: ~c:[prefix]<#channel>. This can be used if you 
  example trust all ops of #leet: mode #x +e ~c:@#leet.
- Various translated documents in doc/: (Greek),
  and (French), & (German), and (Hungarian).

==[ CHANGED ]==
- Updated auspice.conf
- The usual doc updates, help.conf, spamfilter.conf, dccallow.conf, etc.
- The config parser got (mostly) recoded. This makes it rehash much faster,
  additionally "duplicate item" checking is now available.
- Added a 'B' flag to /who output for bots. Also normal users can now /who +m B.
- Support in configfiles for \\ (= a \)
- set::dns::bind::ip, hardly useful for anyone
- If a user is +b on a channel, and set::allow-userhost-change force-rejoin is
  in use, then a part/join is not sent in order to prevent flooding.
- OperOverride INVITE notices are now sent out globally to all +s +e users.
- User mode 'g' is now operonly, it hardly did anything for non-opers.
- Made CIDR no longer accept bitmasks with less than 16bits for /*line commands.
- Modulized a lot of commands (~5000 lines of code).
- Made channel modes +c/+S deal with RGB color codes.
- If no log { } block is present, then a warning will be printed and we will log
  by default to ircd.log (errors only).
- If an invalid character is found in a nick then the whole nick is rejected 
- Changed numeric&text of 'is a Secure Connection' to 'is using a Secure 
  client coders are encouraged to add support for this new numeric 671. Until 
  in-window-/whois's will probably be broken.
- A locops with can_override/can_gkline/can_gzline is now automatically 
  to a globop, just like we do with can_globalroute/can_gkline. These privileges
  are GLOBAL and therefore are not meant to be granted to locops.
- A warning is now sent to an oper if (s)he tries to use /(G)ZLINE on a host.
  (G)ZLINES should be placed on *@ipmasks because they are processed before any
  ident and host lookups.
- Made (fast) badwords work better with word boundaries, in practice this means
  blocking of words with accents/umlauts/es-zett/etc now works properly.
- Made it so halfops can now -h themselves and chanadmins can -a themselves.
- Made spamfilter 'u' also check nickchanges.

- Serious crashbug [this is the same fix that was fixed by the hotfix/3.2.2b]
- TRE mem corruption- & crash-bugs (eg: in backreferences).

- Made kline/shun/zline/gzline without parameters report the correct 
- Made a few more errors send out to all opers, such as link::bind-ip problems.
- A few missing operflags in /STATS O (and SVSO)
- DCC Spamfilter was not always working correctly
- OperOverriding to, for example, a +zi channel did not print the special join 
- Servers behind ulines were not properly ulined, one effect that had was 
  an odd view in /MAP if you had flat-map + hide ulines + a juped server in 
- Made SVSMODE -b/-e remove bans/excepts placed on IPs
- The set::htm::incoming-rate config item was not working correctly
- If a user was +R then remote server notices were accidently also filtered.
- A locop setting MODE #CHAN +O caused a desynch
- Resolver sometimes incorrectly aliased names, causing incorect TTLs etc.
- Fixed SVSNOOP not removing ALL oper status properly.
- 'shun' target was not working for spamfilter and ban version { }
- Removing of shuns placed on IP's did not take effect immediately (had to 
- Fixed a bug in mode skipping (eg: '+qk a b' if not +q) and error msgs.
- Chanmode +f #t (per-user text limit) now no longer affects halfops.
- Opers w/can_override can now +qa/-qa if they are not netadmins, also affected 
  Be sure you upgrade all servers to 3.2.3 if using these new abilities, or 
else you
  will get desynch issues.
- Fixed several /SAMODE bugs as well, regarding non-netadmins, being halfop'ed, 
- /GZLINE [nick] was placing a *line on *@host instead of *@IP, fixed.
- alias::format in combination with ::type 'command' caused a crash
- zlib upgraded to 1.2.2, curl upgraded to 7.13.1, both fix various issues.
- Win32 installer now also installs doc\technical\*.*
- Desynch issues regarding +s/+p and +c/+S
- /SAMODE causing a 'fishy timestamp' if a cmode with a digit parameter was 

==[ REMOVED ]==
- NAZIISH_CHBAN_HANDLING (did not work at all)
- The 'oldcloak' cloaking module is now removed, since this old algorithm got 
  8 months ago, nobody should be using it anymore.

* See Changelog for more details

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cvs rdiff -r1.4 -r1.5 wip/unrealircd/patches/patch-aa

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