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packer: Update to 1.4.4

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Iku Iwasa <>
Pushed By:	iquiw
Date:		Sat Oct 5 14:07:07 2019 +0900
Changeset:	10ec46b2c05c45c868c90100e3ca2021f0ff76eb

Modified Files:

Log Message:
packer: Update to 1.4.4


** new core feature** Error cleanup provisioner [GH-8155]

* builder/amazon: Add ability to set run_volume_tags [GH-8051]
* builder/amazon: Add AWS API call reties on AMI prevalidation [GH-8034]
* builder/azure: Refactor client config [GH-8121]
* builder/cloudstack: New step to detach iso. [GH-8106]
* builder/googlecompute: Fail fast when image name is invalid. [GH-8112]
* builder/googlecompute: Users can now query Vault for an Oauth token
  rather than setting an account file [GH-8143]
* builder/hcloud: Allow selecting image based on filters [GH-7945]
* builder/hyper-v: Decrease the delay between Hyper-V VM startup and
  hyper-v builder's ability to send keystrokes to the target VM. [GH-7970]
* builder/openstack: Store WinRM password for provisioners to use [GH-7940]
* builder/proxmox: Shorten default boot_key_interval to 5ms from 100ms
* builder/proxmox: Allow running the template VM in a Proxmox resource pool
* builder/ucloud: Make ucloud builder's base url configurable [GH-8095]
* builder/virtualbox-vm: Make target snapshot optional [GH-8011] [GH-8004]
* builder/vmware: Allow user to attach floppy files to remote vmx builds
* builder/yandex: Add ability to retry API requests [GH-8142]
* builder/yandex: Support GPU instances and set source image by name
* communicator/ssh: Support for SSH port tunneling [GH-7918]
* core: Add a new floppy_label option [GH-8099]
* core: Added version compatibility to console command [GH-8080]
* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Allow blank access_token for private
  vagrant box hosting [GH-8097]
* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Allow use of the Artifice post-processor
  with the Vagrant Cloud post-processor [GH-8018] [GH-8027]
* post-processor/vsphere: Removed redundant whitelist check for builders,
  allowing users to use post-processor withough the VMWare builder [GH-8064]


* builder/amazon: Fix FleetID crash. [GH-8013]
* builder/amazon: Gracefully handle rate limiting when retrieving winrm
  password. [GH-8087]
* builder/amazon: Fix race condition in spot instance launching [GH-8165]
* builder/amazon: Amazon builders now respect ssh_host option [GH-8162]
* builder/amazon: Update the AWS sdk to resolve some credential handling
  issues [GH-8131]
* builder/azure: Avoid a panic in getObjectIdFromToken [GH-8047]
* builder/googlecompute: Fix crash caused by nil account file. [GH-8102]
* builder/hyper-v: Fix when management interface is not part of virtual
  switch [GH-8017]
* builder/openstack: Fix dropped error when creating image
  client. [GH-8110]
* builder/openstack: Fix race condition created when adding metadata
* builder/outscale: Get SSH Host from VM.Nics instead of VM Root [GH-8077]
* builder/proxmox: Bump proxmox api dep, fixing bug with checking http
  status during boot command [GH-8083]
* builder/proxmox: Check that disk format is set when pool type requires it
* builder/proxmox: Fix panic caused by cancelling build [GH-8067] [GH-8072]
* builder/qemu: Fix dropped error when retrieving version [GH-8050]
* builder/vagrant: Fix dropped errors in code and tests. [GH-8118]
* builder/vagrant: Fix provisioning boxes, define source and output boxes
* builder/vagrant: Fix ssh and package steps to use source
  syntax. [GH-8125]
* builder/vagrant: Use GlobalID when provided [GH-8092]
* builder/virtualbox: Fix windows pathing problem for guest additions
  checksum download. [GH-7996]
* builder/virtualbox: LoadSnapshots succeeds even if machine has no
  snapshots [GH-8096]
* builder/vmware: fix dropped test errors [GH-8170]
* core: Fix bug where sensitive variables contianing commas were not being
  properly sanitized in UI calls. [GH-7997]
* core: Fix handling of booleans where "unset" is a value distinct from
  "false". [GH-8021]
* core: Fix tests that swallowed errors in goroutines [GH-8094]
* core: Fix bug where Packer could no longer run as background process
* core: Fix zsh auto-completion [GH-8160]
* communicator/ssh: Friendlier message warning user that their creds may be
  wrong [GH-8167]
* post-processor/amazon-import: Fix non-default encryption. [GH-8113]
* post-processor/vagrant-cloud: Fix dropped errors [GH-8156]
* provisioner/ansible: Fix provisioner dropped errors [GH-8045]


* core: "sed" template function has been deprecated in favor of "replace"
  and "replace_all" functins [GH-8119]

To see a diff of this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=10ec46b2c05c45c868c90100e3ca2021f0ff76eb

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

 packer/Makefile | 3 +--
 packer/distinfo | 8 ++++----
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/packer/Makefile b/packer/Makefile
index a743855da9..634a9c6727 100644
--- a/packer/Makefile
+++ b/packer/Makefile
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
 # $NetBSD$
-PKGNAME=	packer-1.4.3
+PKGNAME=	packer-1.4.4
 CATEGORIES=	sysutils
diff --git a/packer/distinfo b/packer/distinfo
index 511f914cef..1957dfa79a 100644
--- a/packer/distinfo
+++ b/packer/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-SHA1 (packer-v1.4.3.tar.gz) = 3330b10fde11f0b226aea7b461ca2f14432d388c
-RMD160 (packer-v1.4.3.tar.gz) = 6b79df230158765ee5a5f48e3a90efcf6388f1d4
-SHA512 (packer-v1.4.3.tar.gz) = 213a3dfd299554209a8f6602433bef3edb150da8da5573c0572cf2267ed4874be2bec369bae2f4e444583f1bfabee42a7991664c1f6da8b083f16560214b0f6c
-Size (packer-v1.4.3.tar.gz) = 11968931 bytes
+SHA1 (packer-v1.4.4.tar.gz) = 9870c96a81527f7bd7b74694e6a9874bf7264cda
+RMD160 (packer-v1.4.4.tar.gz) = 0b35d22647211fb409e07519e49fa9e59a7925bb
+SHA512 (packer-v1.4.4.tar.gz) = c4d2ca049b442fbbc65214ae75f5c85dc87b09eac8711891c4678ff3b2a676d00a051c08448a7a99b7a0977d4a04ad8bc559fd09885b520e6a8eb2dfc33ba50a
+Size (packer-v1.4.4.tar.gz) = 12811202 bytes

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