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star: Remove, used to update archivers/star

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Michael Baeuerle <>
Pushed By:	micha
Date:		Fri Oct 4 16:30:25 2019 +0200
Changeset:	47b258a2012304334669f59286a53bff938d5ffe

Modified Files:
Removed Files:

Log Message:
star: Remove, used to update archivers/star

To see a diff of this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=47b258a2012304334669f59286a53bff938d5ffe

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

 Makefile                  |   1 -
 star/COMMIT_MSG           | 355 ----------------------------------------------
 star/DESCR                |   3 -
 star/Makefile             |  87 ------------
 star/PLIST                |  81 -----------
 star/distinfo             |   6 -
 star/files/INSTALL.pkgsrc |   9 --
 7 files changed, 542 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index c804264efc..8b80530d33 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -4563,7 +4563,6 @@ SUBDIR+=	ssid
 SUBDIR+=	ssu
 SUBDIR+=	st-term-git
 SUBDIR+=	stackdriver-collectd
-SUBDIR+=	star
 SUBDIR+=	stardict
 SUBDIR+=	stardict-tools
 SUBDIR+=	starfighter
diff --git a/star/COMMIT_MSG b/star/COMMIT_MSG
deleted file mode 100644
index cf67faf96b..0000000000
--- a/star/COMMIT_MSG
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,355 +0,0 @@
-star: Update to 1.6.1
-Switch to latest distfile.
-Update PLIST.
-Replaced MESSAGE with share/doc/star/INSTALL.pkgsrc.
-Release 2019-03-29:
-- libschily: the lutimens() emulation no longer returns ENOSYS in case
-  that the lstat() call fails, since this error code may e.g. be
-  ENAMETOOLONG and used as an important indicator for long path name
-  handling.
-  This bug caused incorrect behavior when star extracted long pathnames
-  on a platform without utimensat().
-- star: The code restructuring to openat() from Summer 2018 did not
-  only cause a noticeable speed up even when not using -find, it at
-  the same time resulted in a wrong error message when a file type
-  was seen that is not archivable (e.g. a socket while using the USTAR
-  format). The correct message was something like "Unsupported filetype",
-  while the bug caused a "file not found " message. This has been fixed
-  by adding a new parameter "fd" to the function stat_to_info().
-- star: header.c::get_xhtype() we did forgot to initialize:
-     finfo.f_devminorbits
-  and
-     finfo.f_xflags
-  This is now done.
-- star: The USTAR format now is able to create base-256 values in
-  the field "t_devmajor". "t_devminor" did already support base-256.
-- star: The GNU tar format now is able to create base-256 values in
-  the fields "t_devmajor" and "t_devminor".
-- star: The man page star.4 now mentions which fileds may have
-  base-256 numbers.
-- star: The man page star.4 now longer contains the doubled "field field"
-  in the explanation of the added UID/GID number for ACLs.
-- star: The man page star.4 now has a better description for the additional
-  numeric fields in the ACL entries to prevent GNU tar from continuing
-  with it's incompatible ACL implementation.
-- star: New ACL reference archives for the ultra compact format, that has
-  been defined together with the libachive people, have been added to the
-  directory testscripts/:
-  acl-nfsv4-compact-test.tar.gz
-  acl-nfsv4-compact-test2.tar.gz
-  acl-nfsv4-compact-test3.tar.gz
-  acl-nfsv4-compact-test4.tar.gz
-  acl-nfsv4-compact-test5.tar.gz
-- star: Linux now uses the new <linux/fs.h> instead of <ext2/ext2_fs.h>
-  to retrieve file flags.
-  Thanks to a hint from Martin Matuska <> from the
-  libarchive team.
-- star: Support for the following new BSD Flags:
-     compressed hidden offline rdonly reparse sparse system
-  has been added.
-  Thanks to a hint from Martin Matuska <> from the
-  libarchive team.
-- star: Support for the following new Linux flags:
-     dirsync nocow notail projinherit topdir
-  has been added.
-  Thanks to a hint from Martin Matuska <> from the
-  libarchive team.
-- star: Support for reading non-comliant libarchive tarballs that use.
-     "securedeletion" or "journal"
-  instead of the documented text has been added. This was used by
-  libarchive until March 20, when libarchive has been fixed. We introduce
-  the above names for compatibility with old TARs created by libarchive.
-- star: When an "old star" archive is read and this archive is from a system
-  like FreeBSD with non-continous minor bits, star no longer warns unless
-  there is a device file in the archive.
-- star: unit tests: the scripts now contain
-     LC_ALL=C export LC_ALL
-  instead of just LC_ALL=C to make the environment exported.
-- star/libstrar: The case where iconv() returns -1 and sets errno to E2BIG
-  is now handled correctly.
-- star: The testscripts/ directory now contains the tar test archives
-  from the portability tests from Michal Gorny. Check
-  for an updated (to match star-1.6) variant of the results from the portability
-  tests from Michal Gorny.
-- star: older versions of star did not print the messages:
-     "WARNING: Archive is 'xxx' compressed, trying to use the -xxx option.\n"
-  in case that the option -print-artype was in use. Later versions that
-  added support for more than "gzip" and "bzip2" forgot to add the same
-  exception for the new compression methods. We now ommit this message
-  for all compression types.
-- star: Support for the "lzma" compression has been added.
-- star: Support for the "freeze2" compression has been added.
-- star: The compression method name list did not include the text "zstd".
-  We added the missing text.
-- star: The hint messages that are printed when a compressed input archive
-  is not seekable did forgot to mention "lzip" and "zstd". We added the
-  forgotten messages.
-- star: New unit tests check whether star is able to auto-detect and auto
-  decompress various compression formats.
-- star: The unit tests now include the portability tests from Michal Gorny
-- A new option cli=name (must be argv[1]) allows to select all
-  supported command line interfaces (star, suntar, gnutar,
-  pax, cpio) when called as star.
-  This is needed to be able to test all command line interfaces from
-  out unit tests since star is not installed in this case and a selection
-  from argv[0] would not work.
-- star: The version date is now "2019/03/20"
-Release 2019-04-29:
-- libfind/star: the verbose listing code has ben restructured to have
-  the file permissions in the same string as the file type.
-  This is needed to implement the POSIX pax listformat interpreter
-  format %M in future.
-- libfind/star: the verbose listing no longer prints "l" for mandatory
-  record locking for non-directory type file, but rather only
-  for plain files.
-- star: The "gnutar" emulation now prints the --help output to stdout as
-  GNU tar does.
-- star: The gnutar.1 man page now mentions that the GNU tar
-  options -g / -G did never work and it thus makes no sense to
-  implement them.
-- star: very outdated code in list.c has been removed.
-- star: Added new unit tests for incremental backups and restores.
-  This in special include tests that always fail with GNU tar
-  as GNU tar is not usable and never was usable for incremental
-  restores in case that the differences are more than trivial.
-- star: new version date 2019-04-01
-Release 2019-06-13:
-- star: fixed a bug in the FIFO code that mainly happened on Linux (with
-  a 1000x higher probability than it happens on Solaris). The bug was.
-  caused, as a check for a flag has been done twice instead of only once
-  where it could change it's value between both locations. As a.
-  result, star reported "star: Implementation botch: with FIFO_MEOF"
-  as the tar side of the FIFO did sometimes not wait for the FIFO_IWAIT
-  state when called as "star -multivolume -tv f=... f=... ...
-  For this reason, star incorrectly got a wakeup at the wrong location.
-  The bug appeared in case that star -x/-t -multivol f=.. f=.. ....
-  has been called with very small tar archives.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting.
-- star: The FIFO code renamed the "flag" member of the "m_head" structure
-  to "gflag" for better readability.
-- star: The debugging code in the FIFO has been enhanced to print the
-  names of the flag bits in addition to the hex values.
-- star: A deadlock situation that happens once every 500000 tries on
-  Linux with multi-volume archives has been fixed.
-  The problem was caused by a complex condition where the get side
-  of the FIFO needs to check the EOF FIFO flag and the amount of data
-  available in the FIFO and then decide whether to wait for a wakeup or
-  not.
-  Since the EOF flag needs to be checked first, a context switch in
-  the get side of the FIFO could allow the put side to set the EOF flag
-  before the get side did check the fill ratio of the FIFO. This
-  caused both the get side and the put side to wait for a wakeup.
-  The new code introduced a new variable mp->mayoblock that is set by
-  the get side before checking for EOF. This new flags allows the
-  put side to know that the get side is just in a critical situation
-  and lets the put side wait until mp->mayoblock is no longer set,
-  which signals a stable state in the get side. This permits to
-  avoid the deadlock.
-- star: Note that the FIFO has been initially written as a lock free
-  design in the late 1980's. This is to allow high portability to even
-  older UNIX versions. The star FIFO works on all UNIX variants that
-  support pipes and shared memory, which is e.g. the case for
-  SunOS-4.0 from 1988. At the time the FIFO has been designed, the
-  target OS did not support multi-CPU systems and problems in the
-  FIFO first appeared with massively faster multi-CPU systems around
-  y2000. The recently detected problems all have been triggered by a
-  different context switch behavior on Linux, even though they could
-  have appeared on any OS in case that many million tries are
-  attempted.
-- star: bumped version to 1.6.1
-Release 2019-07-15:
-- star: the compress unit test no longer fails on Cygwin because the
-  gzip binary is compiled incorrectly and does not support LZW.
-  The related test is now skipped.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: some new unit tests failed if the schilytools source tree has
-  been installed in a directory with spaces in it's name.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: The unit tests for incremental backups include archives that
-  include userid/groupid and username/groupname that may not be
-  restorable on a different computer. We now ignore these ID meta.
-  data when comparing the results.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: When comparing nanoseconds in time stamps, star now has a mode
-  that treats time stamps as equal in case that tv_nsec % 100 == 0
-  and the rest of the nano seconds is equal. This is needd on Cygwin
-  since NTFS counts in 1/10 microseconds since Januar 1 1601.
-  This applies to both star -diff and the "newer" check while extracting
-  files.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: a new option diffopts=dnlink has been implemented to support
-  filesystems that do not follow the historic UNIX model for hard links
-  on directories.
-  Since Cygwin usually has a linkcount of 1 on directories, you need
-  to use "star -diff diffopts=!dnlink ..." if you like to diff the
-  meta data from a historical UNIX filesystem.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: The incremental backup/restore tests now use.
-  "star -diff diffopts=!dnlink ..." to make them work on Cygwin.
-  Thanks to Heiko Eissfeldt for reporting
-- star: star -c -H exustar -acl -xattr-linux .
-  did cause file not found messages from the attempt to archive the
-  Linux xattrs. This was caused by a change from July 2018 when trying to
-  optimize directory access in (non-find) create mode. The call to read
-  the Linux xattrs has now been moved to the location where in former
-  times the ACL code has already been moved.
-  The move is needed because there is no ACL/XATTR related function
-  that is similar to openat().
-- star: A similar problem with get_xattr() did exist with star -diff
-- star: star -diff did not compare ACLs since getinfo() no longer
-  includes a call to get_acl(). We now call get_xattr() and get_acl()
-  in diff.c
-- star: The Solaris ACL interface now implelements lacl() / lacl_get() /
-  lacl_set() to support very long pathnames with ACLs.
-- star: The Linux ACL interface now implelements lacl_get_file() /
-  lacl_set_file() to support very long pathnames with ACLs on platforms
-  that implement the withdrawn POSIX ACL draft.
-- star: The Linux xattr interface now implelements.
-  llgetxattr() / llsetxattr() / lllistxattr() to support very long
-  pathnames with Linux xattrs.
-- star: New version date
-Release 2019-07-22:
-- star: "pax -pe" no longer sets the variable "doxattr" as this caused
-  an error message:
-     "NFSv4 extended attribute files are not yet supported.\n"
-  that caused the OpenSolaris-ON "nightly" compilation to abort as a
-  result of that error and exit code != 0.
-Release 2019-08-13:
-- libschily: Various functions and *at() emulation functions call stat()
-  even though the caller does not know about that call.
-  This could cause a missbehavior in case that a file returns EOVERFLOW
-  with a normal stat(). We now compile these functions in unconditional
-  large file mode to overcome that problem.
-  The affected files are:
-  diropen.c lutimens.c findinpath.c linkat.c mkdirs.c searchinpath.c
-  resolvepath.c  lchmod.c renameat.c.
-  Note that this problem affected star(1) on platforms that do not
-  fully implement all *at() interfaces, since star started to support
-  really long path names in July 2018.
-- star: Star did not compile on platforms without ACLs anymore since
-  we did rearrange the code with schilytools 2019-07-15.
-  We now have the needed #undef USE_ACL in diff.c as well.
-  Thanks to Dennis Clarke for reporting.
-- star: Avoid a warning when a star -dump archive is unpacked on FreeBSD
-  or Linux with non-contiguous minor bits. The warning is not needed
-  since we only use in order to detect mount points but
-  not to compute the major/minor parts.
-Release 2019-08-13:
-- star: star -xdev -find typically works to exclude mounted files.
-  It still does not always do what is expected, e.g. in case that /proc
-  is in the tree of scanned files, where files deep in the new mounted
-  tree suddenly have the same FS ID as other filesystems, e.g. the file
-  /proc/<pid>/path/a.out.
-  In such cases, "star -find -xdev" is still recommended where the
-  mounted file exclusion is done inside libfind instead of being
-  done inside star.
-  Before, files on other filesystems have not been honored at all when
-  using "star -xdev -find ...".
diff --git a/star/DESCR b/star/DESCR
deleted file mode 100644
index 56094cc106..0000000000
--- a/star/DESCR
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,3 +0,0 @@
-The Schily tape archiver
-Unique standard tape archiver (the oldest free TAR implementation).
diff --git a/star/Makefile b/star/Makefile
deleted file mode 100644
index 915b53de26..0000000000
--- a/star/Makefile
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,87 +0,0 @@
-# $NetBSD$
-DISTNAME=	schily-2019-09-22
-PKGNAME=	star-1.6.1
-CATEGORIES=	archivers
-EXTRACT_SUFX=	.tar.bz2
-COMMENT=	Unique standard tape archiver
-LICENSE=	cddl-1.0
-USE_TOOLS+=	tbl
-TOOL_DEPENDS+=	smake-[0-9]*:../../devel/smake
-.include "../../mk/"
-# The default location is /etc/default/star
-# We patch the documentation appropriately. Additionally, we also install
-# INSTALL.pkgsrc stating the reasons we do this, as required by the license.
-CONF_FILES=	${PREFIX}/share/examples/star/star ${STAR_CONF}
-# Configure config file location
-SUBST_STAGE.fix=	pre-configure
-SUBST_FILES.fix+=	star/star.1
-SUBST_FILES.fix+=	star/star.dfl
-SUBST_FILES.fix+=	star/defaults.c
-SUBST_SED.fix=		-e "s,/etc/default/star,${STAR_CONF},g"
-SUBST_MESSAGE.fix=	Replace defaults file paths.
-# Configure INSTALL.pkgsrc (formerly displayed as MESSAGE)
-SUBST_CLASSES+=		install
-SUBST_STAGE.install=	post-configure
-SUBST_MESSAGE.install=	Preparing INSTALL.pkgsrc file ...
-SUBST_FILES.install=	${WRKDIR}/INSTALL.pkgsrc
-SUBST_SED.install+=	-e 's,STAR_CONF,${STAR_CONF:Q},'
-# Shared platform specific code for schilytools (provided by smake package)
-.include "../../devel/smake/Makefile.common"
-	cd ${WRKSRC}/inc && ${SMAKE} ${MAKE_FLAGS}
-	cd ${WRKSRC} && for library in					\
-		libschily libdeflt libfind librmt;			\
-	do								\
-		cd ${WRKSRC}/$${library} && ${SMAKE} ${MAKE_FLAGS};	\
-	done
-	cd ${WRKSRC}/star && ${SMAKE} ${MAKE_FLAGS}
-# Process tables in manpage
-	cd ${WRKSRC} && if ${TEST} -f star/pkgsrc_tbl.done; then :;	\
-	else								\
-		${TBL} star/spax.1 >star/spax.1.tmp &&			\
-		${MV} -f star/spax.1.tmp star/spax.1 &&			\
-		${TBL} star/star.4 >star/star.4.tmp &&			\
-		${MV} -f star/star.4.tmp star/star.4 &&			\
-		${TOUCH} star/pkgsrc_tbl.done;				\
-	fi
-	cd ${WRKSRC}/star && cd tests ; ${SMAKE} ${MAKE_FLAGS} tests
-	cd ${WRKSRC}/star && ${SMAKE} ${MAKE_FLAGS} install
-	${INSTALL_DATA} ${WRKSRC}/star/star.dfl				\
-		${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/share/examples/star/star
-		${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}/share/doc/star/INSTALL.pkgsrc
-.include "../../mk/"
diff --git a/star/PLIST b/star/PLIST
deleted file mode 100644
index a5f4657e2e..0000000000
--- a/star/PLIST
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,81 +0,0 @@
-@comment $NetBSD$
diff --git a/star/distinfo b/star/distinfo
deleted file mode 100644
index 39f3631886..0000000000
--- a/star/distinfo
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,6 +0,0 @@
-SHA1 (schily-2019-09-22.tar.bz2) = 5ab0f574cca9f89a225948b3df2918fccc7f06e2
-RMD160 (schily-2019-09-22.tar.bz2) = 70fb7b2b66e85cac7cd94bb6ef92b5ed1cdce2c0
-SHA512 (schily-2019-09-22.tar.bz2) = 83eecb7644ca720a3b1cae69481202a83ff8bf602bf6c0f8bab96f58402adc53fe142802c0d725c63f5109ec4875d99e8f93842fed7efa77d3e23c5cfc97d9e3
-Size (schily-2019-09-22.tar.bz2) = 4460891 bytes
diff --git a/star/files/INSTALL.pkgsrc b/star/files/INSTALL.pkgsrc
deleted file mode 100644
index db88cf0a06..0000000000
--- a/star/files/INSTALL.pkgsrc
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,9 +0,0 @@
-The location of the PKGNAME_NOREV `defaults' file has been set to:
-This is the pkgsrc standard config file location, NOT the PKGNAME_NOREV
-standard location, which is /etc/default/star.
-The reason for this is that pkgsrc packages should not use configuration
-files outside ${LOCALBASE} unless they are explicitly set by the user.

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